Bottle Brigade/ Carolyn Dodd

News Flash from the Bottle Brigade: Carolyn Dodd


We’re excited. Thought you’d like to know. The mid-year cheques from the Return-It Bottle Depot arrived.

Here are Results:

We’ve just deposited into the g2g bank account, $1,829.95 from the g2g Return-It Depot accounts . So year-to-date in 2016, which includes the earlier bottle drive, we have deposited $3,113.50.

During 2016 in that total, the Lefty’s collections by the Bottle Brigade, raised $603. Both Lefty’s in Qualicum Beach and Parksville have been wonderful supporters. In 2008 we started the accounts at the Return-It Depots. Just from the Return-It program, we have raised $26,900.31.

Awareness is growing in the Oceanside community about our g2g Return-it Depot accounts. Spread the word with your neighbours. Those nickels and dimes make a difference.

Bottle Grannie Carolyn


Congratulations to everyone involved in this effort and a special heartfelt thank you to Carolyn Dodd who started this amazing project in 2008.


Carol Lundine


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