St Marks Fair

It wasn’t as busy a St Marks as we’ve seen over the years however we are pleased to say we have $766.00 to add to the enormous amount of money we have raised for the Stephen Lewis Foundation and grandmothers and children in Africa.

I would like to thank all those that helped out today and of course to all those wonderful people who make it possible for us to have beautiful products to sell.

My heartfelt thanks to Ann Tardiff, Pam Vest,  Rhoda Perron, Kate, Mitchell, Lorna Reid, Judi Sherin, Cindy Winkle,  Moira Beauchesne  and grandother  Dan Lundine.

To anyone else who may have been there today to help in small and large ways, thank you. It was great to see many members come and visit the booth and of course buy “stuff”!


Carol Lundine


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