Preserves for the Extravaganza

“This has been a good summer for fruit and vegs and Lorna Reid would like to remind all the Grannies who are making jams, pickles, chutneys, relishes etc that we need your contributions to the “Preserves Table” at the Christmas Extravaganza. Customers often ask for the old traditional goodies that their mothers and grandmothers used to make so if you have mustard pickles, dill pickles or traditional jams and jellies please put some aside for us. We sold 3 dozen jars of pickled beets and 30 jars of strawberry jam last year! We don’t need a huge amount but anything you can spare will be most welcome and of course you can reclaim anything unsold after the Fair.

We have a very talented Granny – Jan Korvemaker who designs and prints the labels for our jars. If you would like her to make some for your contributions please let her know the name of your product, the ingredients and how many labels you need ( Lorna will be away from Sept.24-Nov 6th so she’s really busy right now preserving madly!”

Thank you Lorna Reid

Submitted by,

Carol Lundine


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