Past Events

What a history we have of energy and action, coming together to create products and run fundraisers!  We work independently or in small groups much of the time, then converge in our public events.  Some of these are annual, such as the pre-Christmas Extravaganza, the major craft fair of the year.  Some are one-time events, such as a spectacular fabric sale in 2016.  Others recur depending on the interests of the group in a particular year — bottle drives, book sales, fashion shows, luncheons or teas with a speaker, just for example.

Our fundraisers have a history of being successful — fun for Oceanside grandmothers, and funds for African grandmothers.  In the sidebar to the right of the Welcome page, see the amount we have raised so far.

Our past activities are too numerous for complete coverage.  Still, to get an impression of our past activities, view by choosing sample years below or by scrolling down for a few sample photos.


PAST EVENTS 2016,     PAST EVENTS 2015,     PAST EVENTS 2014,

PAST EVENTS 2013,     PAST EVENTS 2012,     PAST EVENTS 2011,  




The Annual Pre-Christmas Extravaganza

The slideshow below blends images from recent Extravaganzas, and shows both some of our products — made by grandmothers and “grand-others” — and some of our Grandmothers in action.  Every year, this craft fair makes a major contribution to helping African grandmothers raise their grandchildren, orphaned by AIDS.

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St. Mark’s Fair, Annually in July

Oceanside Grandmothers to Grandmothers takes part every year in this Qualicum community event, raising awareness of our cause and selling crafts.  In 2016 the Fair organizers presented our group with a certificate for ten years of participation.


Other Recurring Events

This slideshow should give you a taste of some of the activities taken on by our group in the past few years.

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