Great Garage Sale – May 5th

Hello Grans!  Mark Saturday May 5th on your calendars.  It’s the GREAT GARAGE SALE at Parksville’s Oceanside Place.  Time to Clean Up and Clear Out.

Here’s the Scoop: the idea started with a Spring Trunk Sale, then the discovery.  RDN Parks and Recreation hold an annual indoor Great Garage Sale at the Parksville arena 9 am-1 pm with attendance over 800.  Park and Rec advertises and promotes the event.   Hurrah!

Already 11 Grans would like space.  Contact Carolyn Dodd if you too would like a space.  The clock is ticking to reserve space from the RDN planners.


Moira Beauchesne and Lorna Reid volunteered to coordinate a Book Sale Space: probably, two tables and with one set of shelves, so the emphasis is on `small`.  The plan is to fill tables with contributions from the G2G members rather than a community-wide search for books. It is only a half-day sale and we want few “left-overs” looking for homes.

The book search includes any genre (including children`s), relatively new and in good condition. By the way, those “CDs” are popular too. Bring donations to G2G meetings or give them to Moira or Lorna.  Start Now, their contact information is on our Members’ Directory.


National Geographic

Readers Digests



“Annual“ books later than 2016

Granny Bulletin January 2018

The Granny Bulletin is your source for news, stories and information about exciting initiatives from the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign.
In this Granny Bulletin you will find:

1. Save the Date – Aeroplan Mile Matching

2. Tanzania National Grandmothers Gathering Delegation

3. Seeking Grandmothers Regional Liaisons

4. Fundraiser Catalogue Available Now

You can find the Granny Bulletin January 2018 on the Minutes of Meetings page in the “For Members Only” section of the website.

Thank you

Pam Vest

Needle Felting – Learn the Basics

I am happy to help Grandmothers learn the basics of Needle Felting.  I will take a first group of up to four people at my house, Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 1:30 pm.  If there are more people interested,  I will plan another session.  Let me know if a different day of the week is better for you.  Please email to register and get location details.  You can find my email and phone number in the Directory under the “For Members Only” section of the website.

Thank you.

Sheila McConnell


January 16, 2018, Meeting Agenda

Oceanside Grandmothers to Grandmothers Sharing Session

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Social Time, 9:30 am, Meeting starts at 10:00 am

Note:  For those who are free at 9:30 am, please join the welcoming circle for newcomers.




  • New Members:  Lorraine Vermeulen
  • Finance:  Pam Vest
  • Extravaganza:  Ann Tardiff
  • Publicity:  Carolyn Dodd
  • Bottle Brigade:  Carolyn Dodd
  • SLF  Catalogue:  Pam Vest


  • Speaker Series:  Ann Tardiff
  • Ideas for Upcoming Events:  Trunk Sale (Carolyn Dodd), others?
  • Craft Circle:  Pam Vest

If I have missed anything or you would like to add to this agenda, please email Pam or let her know at the meeting

Extravaganza 2017

Extravaganza 2017 was a very good year!!! We raised over $25,000 !!!

Ann and I would like to say ‘thank you’ to all the bakers, preservers, crafters, knitters, felters, sewers/quilters, cashiers, baggers, tally-ers, customer helpers, wreath and succulent creators, our refreshment staff….and our fleet of grandothers for making our event a huge success!!

While we saw fewer customers they came steadily over the 2 days and shopped leisurely.

SQUARE Comments from our customers—

*Love the little felted wool birds

*it’s always fun, Thanks and Hugs

*Quality of items for sale, Friendliness of volunteers, Variety of items, Price points would appeal to any buyers

*the volunteers were very helpful and friendly,, the baked goods and apple cider were delicious

*Wonderful quality and original work at reasonable prices—what a combination!

*First in line every year, Thank you!


Thank you each and every one!