Stride to Turn the Tide 2023: Sign up to participate!

Our yearly fundraiser “Stride at Oceanside”  begins May 7th runs until June 7th. Please join us by signing up as a participant or by sponsoring us. If you walk, bike, swim, move, garden or create in any way on an ongoing basis, this fundraiser is for you.  It is easy and fun.  For example: family members can sponsor you instead of Mother’s Day and birthday gifts or friends will be pleased to support such a good cause. They might even decide to be active with you! 

Team Name:  Stride at Oceanside. 

Team Leaders: Eleanor Thompson and Caroline Nichols. 

Activities:  Walk, bike, swim, garden, roll, stroll, golf, or create crafts/art, etc. (you choose) 

Personal Goals: Set it yourself – choose how what you want to do for how much time

G2G Stride at Oceanside Group Fundraising Goal: $15,000 

How do You participate?

  1.  Sign up here:   Home – Stride to Turn the Tide 2023 (
  2.  Once in, hit the Register button. 
  3.  When that opens, choose Register a team member.
  4.  When that opens, type in Stride at Oceanside as the team name
  5. Make a personal account by following their directions.   This is a totally secure website for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. 
  6. Then connect with your contacts, that is,  let your friends, family and neighbours know that you are involved in Stride to Turn the Tide for the SLF. You can even use the Stride to Turn the Tide website to contact your potential sponsors. 
  7. If any of this sounds daunting, don’t stress over it, just contact our fearless leaders: Caroline Nicols or Eleanor Thompson and they will guide you through it all.  

SLF ensures that those people who choose to support you are attached to you and our team.  Your contacts can contribute directly through the secure website – no hassle for you! You will get a note back from SLF telling you when one of your contacts has donated.  You then press a button and they receive a thank-you note from you prepared by SLF and a tax receipt for donations over $20.

Do you have any questions?    Do you want help?

Contact Caroline Nichols  phone  250-947-9110

Eleanor Thompson phone 250-951-0810


1.  You decide how and when you meet your personal goals. How much activity you will do per day or week and what it will look like. The team and your sponsors trust you.

2.  You can do your own thing in your own time. You can form a group of like minded folks to join you. You can ask other G2G members to join you in your quest to be active in May.

3. We will have a ceremonial kickoff at the BC Islands Grandmothers Gathering at Nanoose Place Nanoose Bay on May 06.  If you are attending, we will see you there!

3. We are meeting for fun and motivation as a group of walkers and bikers at Rathtrevor Beach each Friday morning starting May 12th at 9:30 am at the main parking lot entrance. Together we will walk or bike. We will then meet for coffee at Serious Coffee at 10:30 am where large tables will be reserved for the walkers and for anyone else from G2G who would like to join us. Not everyone can walk but we would love to see you and we need your support and encouragement.

4. We will also have a celebratory event when the month of fundraising has come to a close.  Keep posted for that activity/event. 

5. WE will reach our goal as Oceanside Striders as we Stride to Turn the Tide in 2023!

SIGN UP HERE: Home – Stride to Turn the Tide 2023 (

For New and Prospective Members: Meet and Greet

Please join us for a Meet and Greet session if you are interested in finding out more or joining the Oceanside Grandmas to Grandmas (G2G).

We are hosting three meetings at three of our members’ homes so you can receive more information about G2G and sign up to our wonderful organization.

We need your skills and talent in communication, organization, net-working, fundraising, crafting, sewing or knitting and so much more more!

Please contact our Membership Committee Leader, Marie Cox-Rogers by phone 778-884-9544 or email @ to register and to receive specific address information..

We would love to see you there!

The dates are as follows:

  • Tuesday, January 24th @ 7 pm in Parksville
  • Thursday, January 26 @ 10 am in Nanoose Bay
  • Tuesday, January 31 @ 1 pm in Parksville

Victoria Grandmothers for Africa: Cycling sub-Saharan Africa (at home)

Victoria Grandmothers for Africa has passed on the update below on their VG4A 2020 Cycle Tour: cycling sub-Saharan Africa — at home. 

The cycle tour is a go yet in a different format. In light of continued requirements for physical distancing and near certainty of a second wave of COVID-19, the Cycle Tour Working Group has landed on a cycle tour format that respects the health of cyclists. That said, commitment to raising money for the Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF) Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign remains stronger than ever as grassroots organizations in sub-Saharan Africa cope with COVID-19 in addition to challenges created by HIV and AIDS.

No, we’re not going to Africa.  However, from August 17 – September 13, 2020 registered cyclists will collectively cycle 18,107 km, the distance to cycle to most SLF funded communities.

Here’s how the cycle tour will work. The 18,107 km distance has been divided into six sections, each of approximately 3,000 km. Team leaders will be assigned, given a section and will manage their team with each team riding 3,000 km. Although riders will cycle independently, once registered they will be randomly divided into teams that include both riders committed to shorter or longer distances for the cycle tour. Each rider will determine for themselves a distance to ride over the duration of the cycle tour. Team leaders will check in with team members and track distances on a weekly basis. Teams will be provided with information about the SLF projects in their section so that riders and donors can be more connected to the grassroots initiatives in Africa.

If you are relatively new to cycling this cycle tour is absolutely for you! Because you determine the distance you will cycle and all kilometres count, there is a place for you on a team. E-bikes are permitted for the 2020 Cycle Tour for any rider choosing to use one. Regardless of the distance riders choose or the nature of their bikes all riders are encouraged to aim for a personally challenging goal for the one-month duration of the cycle tour to show solidarity with the lives of African grandmothers through our cycling efforts.And here is what you need to know to register:

  • The cycle tour is open to women 55 years of age and older (as of December 31st, 2020). You do not need to be a member of a SLF Grandmothers group to register.
  • To get a registration form go to the Victoria Grandmothers for Africa website.
  • On the registration form you will need to declare the distance you hope to ride over the one-month time frame of the tour for the purposes of being assigned to a team. Don’t fret about this! If it looks like you won’t achieve your goal, check-in with your team leader and others in the team will pick up the distance to reach the 3000 km team goal. Conversely if it looks like you’ll surpass your goal, yay for you! You will not be asked to hold back if you’re piling up the kilometres during your weekly virtual check-in.
  • Fill in the registration form, sign the waiver and pay the non-refundable $20 registration fee. Registration will be open from June 1 to July 31, 2020. The number of riders will not be restricted.
  • Once registered you will be contacted by Bonnie Yarish for details on how to set up your SLF donor page. In addition to soliciting donations please consider donating what you would have paid to register for our traditional ride – $350 for the 275 km ride from Campbell River to Victoria or $50 for the 50 km ride around the Saanich Peninsula.
  • Sometime during the week of August 10th you’ll be contacted by your team leader who will provide information about the SLF funded communities in the section you and your team are riding and to whom you will report your kilometres cycled on a weekly basis.

And here is the fine print. No accommodation, meals or rider support is provided. Group training rides are not being provided at this time. VG4A T-shirts will be sold to interested riders who do not own either a cycle tour jersey or T-shirt.

This year’s cycle tour format allows for even more women to show our African sisters that “We will not rest until they can rest.”

Victoria Grandmothers for Action

28 May 2020