Meeting Agenda, Tuesday, June 19, 2018

9:30-10:00AM: Social Time

Welcome and New Members: Carolyn Dodd/Judi Sherin

Financial: Ruth Epp

Upcoming events:

July 1 Parade: Ann Tardiff

St Mark’s Fair: July 28th Ann

Projects: Totes and bowls, Pam Vest

Health and Wellness Fair Civic Centre QB: July 28th, Carol Lundine

Speakers Series: Jack Knox, Civic Centre QB, September 12th Ann/Carol

Knitting/Publicity: Colleen Lucas


Note: There will be sign up sheets available for all events at the June 19th meeting. If you cannot make the meeting but would like to volunteer for an event please contact the coordinator listed on this agenda.

If you would like a copy of the agenda, please print one. Thank you!

Call for Agenda Items

Hi Everyone:

If you have an agenda item for the June 19th meeting, could you please send it to me as soon as possible?  I will be away part of next week and would like to have the agenda posted before I go.

Many thanks

Carol Lundine

send agenda items to:



Workshop Invitation

Hi everyone,

If you are interested in learning how to make these beautiful pieces, please let me know and I will organize a workshop. My sister in law will be the instructor. They would make a wonderful addition to our inventory for the Extravaganza. Dates tentatively are set for June 4 or 6 th in the afternoon so if you could let me know what day works best for you.
Carol Lundine

Great Garage Sale Advertisement

Good day:

Please find enclosed an advertisement for the upcoming Great Garage Sale on May 5th, 9am – 1 pm.

The RDN Recreation department does the major publicity but I thought it would be a great idea to circulate this through our networks to help get the information out to more people.

Thank You

Carolyn Dodd

Just click on the following link to open the advertisement.

2018 G2G Attic Treasure copy.doc

Book Sale

Many thanks to all the Grandmothers and friends who have so generously donated books for the sale on May 5th. We have a terrific collection of really good books but have now reached the limit of what we can handle – so please don’t bring any more!!! I’ll be able to prepare the ones we have in the time left before the sale but probably not more.
Grandmothers have great taste in books so please come along to the Great Garage Sale at Wembley Mall on the 5th and browse at the book table!!

Lorna Reid

Oceanside G2G Sharing Session, Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Welcome: Carolyn Dodd
New Members: Judi Sherin
Financial Report: Ruth Epp
Bag Sales/new products/volunteers: Pam Vest
Bottle Brigade/ Great Garage Sale, May 5th/ Aprons: Carolyn Dodd
Knitting Group: Colleen Lucas
Books/Jars: anyone with books for the book sale or jars for the preserving group bring them to the Tuesday meeting.  Thanks.
Lorna Reid
Speakers Bureau: Speakers Bureau Saturday April 28th. Please contact Joanne Reid
Lisbe Rae, VG4A member, is offering to meet with any grandmothers who might be interested in learning about the speakers bureau. This is a plan for informing members and the community about the Grandmothers Campaign
Lisbe will be accompanying Elizabeth Sebesta when she comes to the Comox Valley at the end of April. Elizabeth visited Uganda and attended “The Tanzanian Gathering” last month as a representative of the G2G Campaign, and will be sharing stories of her experience.