The Canada Day Parade

First, my heartfelt thanks to all who participated in celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday.

We had 25 participants, mostly grannies, but also 4 antique car/truck drivers. These men were kind enough to transport the ladies who preferred to ride. We even had several children walking and riding their bikes! We had one grandother walk with us as well.
Many thanks to the photographers for their wonderful images.
As usual at the Parksville parade, the streets were thronged along the entire route. We Grannies seemed to receive our fair share of cheers and “go grannies” from the crowd.
A special thanks to the drivers, Tom, Neil, Bill and Bob for the use of your beautiful vehicles. Mostly because of them and Carolyn Dodd, we won a prize in the “other” category. Everyone went all out with clothing, umbrellas, tattoos and flags. We had a blast!!!
See you next year.
Carol Lundine


Thanks so much to everyone who signed up to walk in the parade.  It looks like we will have a terrific turnout.  If you didn’t sign up at the meeting, it’s not too late to join us on July 1.     Please make your way to site #29 (this is our parade slot) on Pioneer Rd.  We need to be there at 8:45 am, Saturday, July 1.  It makes sense to either be dropped off there or park your car closer to where the parade ends at the Parksville Community Centre library and then walk down.

If you have a red granny apron please wear it….and if not, anything red will do.  If you have a Canada Day umbrella, perhaps bring that along.

If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call Ann, Carolyn or myself.

See you at the parade!

Carol – 250-752-1553 or 250-927-6154(cell)

Ann –  250-248-1210

Carolyn – 250-248-5437





Oceanside Sharing Session, Tuesday June 20th, 9:30, Knox United Church, Parksville

Welcome: Pam Vest

New members: Judith Sherin

Financial: Pam Vest

A Common Thread Report: Pam

Canada Day Parade : Carolyn Dodd

 We would love to have a good turnout for the parade. It’s a great way to raise awareness for our cause. No one has signed up to be in the cars. We’ve had a very generous offer from a car club for this opportunity. Please take advantage of it. Also remember that you do not need to walk the entire route. Friends and family are welcome to join us.

St Marks Fair: Pam

Vicki Gabereau: Rita Morin

Publicity: Morganne Pickering

Locker: Pam


Nanaimo  Nan Go Grannies are holding another “Fabric, Yarn, Stitchery, Notions, Almost Finished Projects, Books, Magazines, Patterns, etc., Sale” this year on September 30th from 10:00 AM till 2:00 PM at the Nanaimo Curling Rink.

If any Oceanside G2G members have items to donate I would be happy to transport them to Nanaimo. Please call or email after June 25th250-585-6779; cell no. 250-927-2423 (a Parksville no.);



Oceanside Grandmothers Sharing Session, June Tuesday June 20, 2017

If you have an item you wish to to discuss , please send it to me by Wednesday June 14th.
Thank you.
An important notice regarding the July 1 parade.
Over the years this has been such a wonderful way to raise awareness for our cause. In the past we have felt very supported by the crowds. There was lots of cheering and a few people interested in joining our group.
As it is Canada’s 150th birthday we’d like to make our presence special.
• at this point we have 4 or 5 cars. I can’t get in touch with the man organizing this so don’t know at this point how many seats that translates into.

• we would like to invite ladies with great difficulty walking to submit their name if they wish to ride. If there are more ladies than seats I guess we would have to draw names.

• for those that can walk but perhaps not the entire route, you can start and finish wherever you like.

• we would encourage everyone to wear red and white. The aprons would be perfect for this.

• Ann will look into the cost of balloons

we’d like to ask members to invite friends and family to join us.

If you have any suggestions/questions please contact me.
Carol Lundine

Oceanside Grandmothers: Sharing Session, April 18th, 2017

Welcome: Carol Lundine

New Members: Judy Sherin

Finance: Pam Vest

Linden Singers report: Pam

Extravaganza: Pam

Publicity: Morganne Pickering

Sunshine: Rhoda Perron

A Common Thread: (May 17) Ann Tardiff

Bottles/Aprons: Carolyn Dodd

Parade: (July 1) Carolyn and Ann 

St Mark’s Fair: (July 22nd): Carol

Vicki Gabereau Luncheon:  (September 28th) Gwen Moncrieff

 ( looking for gardeners who could supply flowers for table centres)

Wellness Fair (Sept. 30): Carol


Please note:

Tickets ($20) for a Common Thread, May17th, will be on sale at this meeting. (cheque or cash)

From Membership: Judy Sherin:

“We’d appreciate members available at 9:30 to join the welcoming circle at the back, and be prepared to introduce a new member”.

Please print a copy of the agenda if you would like to have one at the meeting.

Knox United Church Pym St. Parksville, 9:30 social time, meeting at 10:00

If I have missed anything please let me know. Thank you!

Carol Lundine