The Extravaganza: our smiles in pictures!

With Pam and Ann’s great news, we have lots of reason to celebrate!  Our efforts in the Extravaganza translate to substantial help for grandmothers and their grandkids, half a world away.

We can also celebrate our teamwork and fun.  For two slideshows of the Extravaganza, click on the following link to be taken to the page on our website: Past Events 2015.



“Wow!” was right! Extravaganza a great success!

bigsanta300“WOW!” was right! We had a tremendous sale amounting to $24,153. Adding to that we received donations during November of $3781, and our Silent Auction did very well realizing $750!

Our grand total is $28,659!!!

A job very well done! Congratulations to us all! Have a wonderful Christmas and hope to see you at our Christmas lunch! Thank you all again!

Pam & Ann

Wow! — and heartfelt thanks!

WOW! Ladies and Gentlemen! It was a great adventure over the last weekend and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of your help. It was a tremendous success and our next email will tell you how much we brought in for the cause but we didn’t want to delay giving our heartfelt thanks to all of you.

We had no baking left, no preserves, no lighted glass boxes, no little candy sleighs, etc etc!! But did we ever have a bunch of empty bins, boxes and bags!! Much easier to tote an empty! We sold all of our Silent Auction items and with good prices. The greenery, the quilted and decor items, the knitting…everything pretty well walked out!!

If you had any items that did not sell we will be getting in touch with you after a locker run!

Again, thank you all for the huge effort put forward.

If you have any suggestions for improvement do let us know. The committee may get together in January but we wanted to get your thoughts while they are still fresh in everyone’s mind.

Looking forward to next year!!!

Thanks again!

Ann & Pam

Minutes of last week’s meeting now available

The minutes of the regular Oceanside Grandmothers meeting November 17, 2015 are now available for download from Members Only section of the website.  To be taken directly to the page, click this link: Archive: Minutes of Meetings and scroll down to the link called 15 11 17 minutes .  You will need your password to get access to this page within the Members Only section of the website.  (If you’ve forgotten the password, just email Eileen at

These minutes are packed with information, including important drop-off information for the upcoming Extravaganza and news about other events. You’ll want to take a minute to make sure that you’ve not missed out on anything!

Craft Help: from Eleanor Thompson

Hi Ladies,

Looking for 3 or 4 helpers to come this Saturday November 21 at 1:00 to help with tying bows and glue-gunning bells on a block ornament. If anyone can bring a glue gun that would also be good. It’s a bit fiddly so bring patience 🙂 as well. Please email Eleanor if you can come and I’ll send you directions. Thanks!
PS I’m hoping bribing with chocolate snacks will help!


posted by,

Carol Lundine


Grandmother updates: bulletin, journal, Directory

Hi, all.

In this week of feverish creativity leading up to next week’s Extravaganza, take a moment — if you can — to step back for three updates on our g2g communication flow.

  • Within our own Oceanside group:  The current version of the Directory is now ready to download from the Membership and Directory page of the Members Only section of our website.  Also ready there is the updated list of New Members 2015, with photos of people we’ll all want to get to know. These are the final editions of the year.
  • Within the Grandmothers Campaign: The November 15 edition of the Granny Bulletin is ready on the Grandmothers Campaign website of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  As I reminded in our meeting, you can sign up to receive the free monthly Granny Bulletin via email by signing up at the bottom of our own website’s homepage, or you can sign up directly on the homepage of the Grandmothers Campaign. Click on: Bulletin.
  • Within the Stephen Lewis Foundation: The Fall 2015 edition of the Grassroots magazine of the Stephen Lewis Foundation is also ready for download from the SLF website. This edition is covers the first Grandmothers Gathering in Uganda last month and has some really terrific photos and articles.  Click on: Grassroots.

Just one week to go till our biggest event of the year.  Happy creativity, everyone!

Eileen Dombrowski (website, membership/Directory)

Agenda: Oceanside Grandmothers

 Oceanside Grandmothers Meeting 
                                                          Tues.,November 17th, 2015, 9:30(social) mtg 10
                                                                       Knox United Church, Pym St,

Welcome: Kathy Grand

Lost and Found: Kathy

Finance: Pam Vest

Presentation: Carol Lundine

New Members: Beth Ediss

Extravaganza: Ann Tardiff

Angels: Jacquie Ostrow

December Luncheon: Kathy

Cards: Chris Clemens

Fabric Sale: Pam, Kathy

Bottle Brigade: Carolyn Dodd

SLF: Eileen Dombrowski

Publicity: Morganne Pickering

Hightlight: Kathy/Carol


Important Notices.

From Kathy Grand:

Christmas Luncheon, December 8 at the Legion Hall in Parksville. If you plan to attend the luncheon, please bring your $10 to the meeting and give it to Kathy Grand. If you cannot attend the meeting but wish to attend the luncheon, please drop your money off at Kathy’s (572 Meadow Dr, Qualicum before Dec 1).

From Jacquie Ostrow:
I will be holding an angel dressing session on Monday, Nov. 16 for all interested in making the standing angels for the Extravaganza. It’ll be at my place, 642 Hirst Ave., PV. at 1:00 – 4:00. All that needs to be done is to decorate/dress the angels so hopefully we can get quite a few finished..
Please email me at if you are able to come.

If you have angels ready for the Extravaganza, please bring them to the meeting and give them to Jacquie Ostrow.

Coffee is no longer served at the meetings. Please bring a beverage if you wish.
Knox is a scent free facility.

Santa will arrive in style to g2g Extravaganza

singlesleigh200Just seventeen (17) days to go till the Extravaganza — and Santa is getting ready.  This week, he got a sweet boost from a team of grandmothers providing him with a candy sleigh, tied up with ribbon. With characteristic creativity and cooperation, some of our members worked together Monday to make an entire fleet of Santa sleighs for sale.

Countdown to the Extravaganza: Friday November 27 10-4 and Saturday November 28 10-4, Quality Inn Bayside, Parksville.

For more on the Sleigh Making session, just click: Past Events 2015.