The Extravaganza: our smiles in pictures!

With Pam and Ann’s great news, we have lots of reason to celebrate!  Our efforts in the Extravaganza translate to substantial help for grandmothers and their grandkids, half a world away.

We can also celebrate our teamwork and fun.  For two slideshows of the Extravaganza, click on the following link to be taken to the page on our website: Past Events 2015.



“Wow!” was right! Extravaganza a great success!

bigsanta300“WOW!” was right! We had a tremendous sale amounting to $24,153. Adding to that we received donations during November of $3781, and our Silent Auction did very well realizing $750!

Our grand total is $28,659!!!

A job very well done! Congratulations to us all! Have a wonderful Christmas and hope to see you at our Christmas lunch! Thank you all again!

Pam & Ann