Grandmother updates: bulletin, journal, Directory

Hi, all.

In this week of feverish creativity leading up to next week’s Extravaganza, take a moment — if you can — to step back for three updates on our g2g communication flow.

  • Within our own Oceanside group:  The current version of the Directory is now ready to download from the Membership and Directory page of the Members Only section of our website.  Also ready there is the updated list of New Members 2015, with photos of people we’ll all want to get to know. These are the final editions of the year.
  • Within the Grandmothers Campaign: The November 15 edition of the Granny Bulletin is ready on the Grandmothers Campaign website of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  As I reminded in our meeting, you can sign up to receive the free monthly Granny Bulletin via email by signing up at the bottom of our own website’s homepage, or you can sign up directly on the homepage of the Grandmothers Campaign. Click on: Bulletin.
  • Within the Stephen Lewis Foundation: The Fall 2015 edition of the Grassroots magazine of the Stephen Lewis Foundation is also ready for download from the SLF website. This edition is covers the first Grandmothers Gathering in Uganda last month and has some really terrific photos and articles.  Click on: Grassroots.

Just one week to go till our biggest event of the year.  Happy creativity, everyone!

Eileen Dombrowski (website, membership/Directory)

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