Wow! — and heartfelt thanks!

WOW! Ladies and Gentlemen! It was a great adventure over the last weekend and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of your help. It was a tremendous success and our next email will tell you how much we brought in for the cause but we didn’t want to delay giving our heartfelt thanks to all of you.

We had no baking left, no preserves, no lighted glass boxes, no little candy sleighs, etc etc!! But did we ever have a bunch of empty bins, boxes and bags!! Much easier to tote an empty! We sold all of our Silent Auction items and with good prices. The greenery, the quilted and decor items, the knitting…everything pretty well walked out!!

If you had any items that did not sell we will be getting in touch with you after a locker run!

Again, thank you all for the huge effort put forward.

If you have any suggestions for improvement do let us know. The committee may get together in January but we wanted to get your thoughts while they are still fresh in everyone’s mind.

Looking forward to next year!!!

Thanks again!

Ann & Pam

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