Lost Art: Can you help the Raiders?

Donations have started to pour in for Raiders of Lost Art, which will take place Saturday June 6 at the Quality Inn Bayside in Parksville. Meeting today, the committee tackled the next steps of organization and faced that most challenging of all questions: What price should be placed on a painting or a piece of pottery?

trio300The Raiders now appeal for your help in this fundraiser for our Grandmothers Campaign.

1. Donation

Do you have art works to donate for the big sale? The sale includes not only paintings but pottery, stained glass, sculpture, photographs, and fibre arts. Do you have quality quilts or pottery vases, for instance, that you would like to pass on to a new owner to love?

Please bring donations to the Bayside between noon and 2pm on Friday, June 5. If you would like to drop things off before then, or have them picked up, please contact Colleen Lucas at 250 713 0167 or colleenlucas.lucas@gmail.com

gail3002. Participation June 6

Are you free on June 6 to help out at the event? Especially needed are people to “woman” the cash desk, including some to learn to use the credit card machine. Shifts can be any length from 1 hour to 6 hours, between 10am and 4pm. Please let Colleen know (at the contact information above).

posted by Eileen Dombrowski for The Raiders


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