Well-Preserved Grannies

A Team of Unstoppable Volunteers:
The preserving group has added a new feature to their array of goodies – we are planning to create bags of dried, organically grown herbs which will be good for adding to Christmas baskets. If anyone has  herbs in their garden and would like to contribute some please contact Barb Whyte at barbwhyte@shaw.ca We only have one dryer at the moment so if anyone can lend Barb one we’d be delighted!

If anyone has more rhubarb in their garden than they can use the preservers are champing at the bit to make rhubarb jam, rhubarb chutney, rhubarb jelly etc – to donate rhubarb please contact Lorna at lornareid@shaw.ca

Canning jars of all sizes are now available for Grannies wishing to make preserves of any kind for the Christmas Extravaganza – contact lornareid@shaw.ca

Lorna Reid

Submitted by,

Carol Lundine