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The minutes of the meeting June 16 are now ready — an excellent reminder for those of us  who made it to the meeting, and an excellent fill-in for those of us who didn’t.  To download them from the Archives page of the Oceanside Grandmothers website (For Members Only section), you’ll need your password (though your browser may remember it for you).

Also ready for download are: an updated version of the Directory, our booklet of names, faces, and contact information; and an updated version of pictures of New Members 2015, now running to a second page.  The Membership and Directory page (for Members Only Section), on which these documents are placed, is likewise accessible with your Oceanside Grandmothers password.

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News from the SLF and around the Island

1. Ask Her
· Three Ask Her Talks were held in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa at the end of May. The Talks were very well received and were sold out in Toronto and Montreal.
· The Translation process went very well in all venues.
· The format for the talks was similar to that which is used for the TED talks. Each talk was approximately 15 minutes. The host for the three events was Jackie Richardson.
· There was a VIP reception after the talks in each city.
· The Toronto Talks were filmed and will be available for view in the near future. Very little editing will be done.
· There are tentative plans to have another set of talks in November and again in the Spring with a different set of speakers.
· The CBC interviews on The Current were very good publicity for the Toronto evening.
2. Uganda Trip
· There will be a National Gathering of Grandmothers in Kampala, Uganda October 5, 6, and 7, 2015. The Grandmothers at the Gathering will be those supported by SLF and by other groups.
· Current plans call for between 12-30 people from Canada making the trip which will be 12 days in total. Accommodation in Kampala is somewhat limited hence the relatively small number of Canadians attending.
· Trip details are in the most recent Grannies Bulletin.
· A PDF copy of the application for the trip is attached to this update. Please note that the timeline for applying is short – applications due at SLF by June 24th.
· Those who are chosen will need to fund raise for air fare etc. For this trip you can either get Aeroplan Miles or you can raise cash – this is an either or not a mix of air miles and money as it was too complicated to administer when this was done in the past. The trip will require approximately 120,000 air miles.
· Groups in England and Australia will be offered the opportunity to attend the Gathering.
3. Books
· Grandmothers – Africa’s Unsung Heroes is the title of a new book being published by the SLF Grandmothers Campaign.
· The Book is made up of a letter writing exchange over the course of a year between Grandmothers is Uganda (ROTOM), Kenya (PENAF) and South Africa (GAPA). All funds raised through the sale of the book will be shared by the three groups.
· The letters have been put into context by the three groups.
· The price will probably be $12.00 plus postage.
· The books should be available by the fall and will be sent out on consignment.
4. Infusion
· Infusion is a software development group in Toronto that is working with the Grandmothers Campaign to develop an App.
· The design work has been done and the application will be developed over a “sleepless” weekend June 12, 13 and 14.
· SLF staff and some Grandmothers will be taking part in the weekend.
· Date for the end product TBD.
5. Around the Island
· The Port Alberni Grannies held another successful Garage and Bake sale on May 30/15. It was held at the Trinity Church, where one of our grannies is a member. We set up on Friday, and held the ‘clean-up’ on Wednesday. PAGOs do not price any of the items, except “special” things and baking. All customers offer a donation for what they want, eliminating the horrendous task of pricing hundreds of items. This method yields just as much, or more, than tagging everything. We made over $2000 for the SLF. All left overs went to other local Charities, Shelters and Women’s Centers. It was a great day! Submitted by: Clara Cauduro
· The St. Andrew’s Grandmothers (Sidney) held their annual fashion show and tea on May 2nd. Three local merchants provided the clothing for ladies, men and children. The event raised just under $2,000. for the SLF.
· Blue Moon Winery Art Exhibit – Courtenay – every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12 – 5 pm at the Blue Moon Winery, 4905 Darcy Road, Courtenay. A group of Glacier Grannies have been meeting weekly for two years to create an array of felted products – inspired by the active participation of Jake, a 97 year old artist and her daughter. All items are for sale with funds going to the Stephen Lewis Foundation Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign.
· Sunday June 21, 1-4pm: Wine Tasting and Meet the Artists from the Blue Moon Winery Art Exhibit. This special event is being held on this date and includes: wine tasting, appetizers, and a demonstration of felting by Glacier Granny artists.

Don’t forget the Victoria Stride Walk this Saturday – June 13th! 9:00 am start for registration. This is a 2.5 Km walk that starts from Centennial Square.

Florian & Joyce Eilers

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Oceanside Grandmothers makes its debut on youtube, with the Raiders!

If you weren’t able to open the video in the message I just sent, try watching on youtube! If your flash is out of date, the video I sent probably won’t work. And so —  I’ve just made a youtube channel for Oceanside Grandmothers and posted it there.  Have a look.

Oh yes, there are big implications for future publicity!

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“We’re the Raiders and we’re ready for you.”

It’s here. It’s now. Raiders of Lost Art launches Saturday morning June 6 at 10am and closes at 4pm the same day. The Raiders arranged a huge array of artwork for display this afternoon, with prices to please the most straightened of budgets.

Thanks, everyone who donated art. Thanks, everyone who helped with publicity. No what will happen when the doors open in the morning? We don’t know. But let the wild rumpus start!

Quality Resort Bayside, 10am to 4pm. Raiders of the Lost Art.  All proceeds to the Grandmothers Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

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June 16th – Oceanside G2G Meeting/ Agenda Items

Please email any items you may have for the June agenda  by Wednesday June 10th, to cairncroft@shaw.ca.

We still do not have a permanent member (s) to look after the coffee for our 6 meeting dates per year. This task has become much easier since we’ve dispensed of the early morning coffee.

Val and Ann have done this job (with our gratitude and thanks) for many years and have kindly written up a job description to simplify the task. If several members volunteer it gets even easier. Please consider helping out.  For more information or to volunteer, please call me at 250-752-1553. Thanks!

Reminder: Raiders of Lost Art. Saturday June 6th at the Bayside, Parksville, 10:00AM- 4:00PM

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