Report from the Grandmother Gathering May 9

A number of Oceanside Grandmothers members attended the Island Grandmother Gathering in Nanaimo on May 9, 2015. The highlight of the event was meeting and listening to Ida Mukaka, the dynamic and knowledgeable Field Representative for SLF.

Attached is a summary of discussions, including suggestions for the 10th Anniversary of the Stephen Lewis Foundation in 2016.  Download: Island Grandmother Gathering discussion notes

from Betty-Anne, posted by Eileen Dombrowski

Countdown to Raiders, June 6. Are you ready?

The countdown has begun, now down to the final days.

Raidersphoto1Remember: if you have anything to donate to this fundraising art sale for the Grandmothers Campaign, the organizing group for Raiders of Lost Art will need it by Friday, June 5.  Please

  • either bring it to the Quality Resort, Bayside (Parksville) on Friday between 12 noon and  2 pm,
  • or contact Colleen Lucas to have it picked up (250 713 0167 or

The sale includes not only paintings but pottery, stained glass, sculpture, photographs, and fibre arts.

In these final days, would you also please help with publicity? If you haven’t already forwarded by email the poster you were sent early, would you please send it now to anybody you think would be interested?  Spread the word however you can!  And on Saturday June 6 (10am to 4pm), join us at the Quality Resort Bayside in Parksville to enjoy the art show and all its treasures — and bring a friend.


 posted for the Raiders of the Lost Art organizational group by Eileen Dombrowski


Well-Preserved Grannies

A Team of Unstoppable Volunteers:
The preserving group has added a new feature to their array of goodies – we are planning to create bags of dried, organically grown herbs which will be good for adding to Christmas baskets. If anyone has  herbs in their garden and would like to contribute some please contact Barb Whyte at We only have one dryer at the moment so if anyone can lend Barb one we’d be delighted!

If anyone has more rhubarb in their garden than they can use the preservers are champing at the bit to make rhubarb jam, rhubarb chutney, rhubarb jelly etc – to donate rhubarb please contact Lorna at

Canning jars of all sizes are now available for Grannies wishing to make preserves of any kind for the Christmas Extravaganza – contact

Lorna Reid

Submitted by,

Carol Lundine


Shaw presentation of Raiders of Lost Art

Shaw cable has done a piece highlighting our Raiders of Lost Art event, June 6th at the Bayside.

It will air on the Shaw cable channel  between May 22 and 29th to publicize this event,

If you have any questions, please contact Colleen Lucas at

Please encourage your friends, family and neighbors to tune in.


Carol Lundine


Lost Art: Can you help the Raiders?

Donations have started to pour in for Raiders of Lost Art, which will take place Saturday June 6 at the Quality Inn Bayside in Parksville. Meeting today, the committee tackled the next steps of organization and faced that most challenging of all questions: What price should be placed on a painting or a piece of pottery?

trio300The Raiders now appeal for your help in this fundraiser for our Grandmothers Campaign.

1. Donation

Do you have art works to donate for the big sale? The sale includes not only paintings but pottery, stained glass, sculpture, photographs, and fibre arts. Do you have quality quilts or pottery vases, for instance, that you would like to pass on to a new owner to love?

Please bring donations to the Bayside between noon and 2pm on Friday, June 5. If you would like to drop things off before then, or have them picked up, please contact Colleen Lucas at 250 713 0167 or

gail3002. Participation June 6

Are you free on June 6 to help out at the event? Especially needed are people to “woman” the cash desk, including some to learn to use the credit card machine. Shifts can be any length from 1 hour to 6 hours, between 10am and 4pm. Please let Colleen know (at the contact information above).

posted by Eileen Dombrowski for The Raiders


updated Directory and New Members list

The updated version of the Oceanside Grandmothers to Grandmothers Directory, with photos and updated contact information, is now available from the Members Only section of the website.  It includes the five new members who joined in April.

Also available is the New Members list, a page of photos of people who have joined in 2015.  You may want to download this page to get to know more quickly our most recent members.

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Raiders of Lost Art (June 6): Can you donate artwork?

Do you have any works of art that you would like to donate to the upcoming event Raiders of Lost Art?  The organizers welcome artworks in the following categories, to be sold to raise funds for the Grandmothers Campaign:  paintings, fibre arts, photography, sculpture, stained glass, pottery.  If you have anything to donate to make a stunning art exhibition even more of a feast for the eyes — and even more of a success for our cause! — please contact Colleen Lucas 250 713 0167,

Raiders of Lost Art will open to the public on June 6, 10-4, at the Quality Resort Bayside in Parksville.  Please spread the word to all your friends!  If you have anywhere you can put up a poster, click on the following link to download a copy to print out: Raiders Of Lost Art Poster.  Let’s get the word out for this exciting fundraiser!



posted by Eileen Dombrowski

minutes and updates

The minutes for the g2g meeting on April 21 (15 04 21: minutes) are now available in the Members Only section of the website, on the page entitled “Archives: Minutes of Meetings”.  Those of us who missed the meeting have reason to be glad to have such a full record of what’s going on, so that we continue to be included.  Personally, I’m always grateful to the minute-takers who give us the flexibility to leave town yet be able to pick up with group events as we return.

As you download the minutes, you may also want to download the March update to our group “Committees and Responsibilities”.  It is also in the Members Only section of the website, on the page entitled “Group Structure: Committees and Responsibilities”.  There are quite a few changes in structures, people, and contact information, so you will probably find it useful to update your records.

Best wishes,

Eileen Dombrowski