Victoria Cycle Tour

This weekend the Victoria Grandmothers will be holding their annual Cycle tour. This is a major fundraiser for them raising approxdimately $45,000 for SLF.
They start their tour in Campbell River, overnight in Qualicum Beach, overnight I believe in Duncan and then onto Victoria.
Each year they ask us to have a refreshment break for them at Nanoose Place.
They will be stopping at Nanoose Place on Saturday, Sept 10 at approx. 9:30 am. There will be 29 cyclists and 5 support drivers.
This is a very grueling ride for them so it would be nice if we could support and cheer them on.
They will be travelling along Hwy. 19A and then turning off onto West Bay Road (by the Museum) at approx 8:30- 8:45am. It would be great if any members of our group could meet at the Visitor Information Centre (back) and show our support, or better yet, come to Nanoose Place and chat with them.
Jacquie Ostrow

Submitted by,

Carol Lundine


Preserves for the Extravaganza

“This has been a good summer for fruit and vegs and Lorna Reid would like to remind all the Grannies who are making jams, pickles, chutneys, relishes etc that we need your contributions to the “Preserves Table” at the Christmas Extravaganza. Customers often ask for the old traditional goodies that their mothers and grandmothers used to make so if you have mustard pickles, dill pickles or traditional jams and jellies please put some aside for us. We sold 3 dozen jars of pickled beets and 30 jars of strawberry jam last year! We don’t need a huge amount but anything you can spare will be most welcome and of course you can reclaim anything unsold after the Fair.

We have a very talented Granny – Jan Korvemaker who designs and prints the labels for our jars. If you would like her to make some for your contributions please let her know the name of your product, the ingredients and how many labels you need ( Lorna will be away from Sept.24-Nov 6th so she’s really busy right now preserving madly!”

Thank you Lorna Reid

Submitted by,

Carol Lundine


Bottle Brigade/ Carolyn Dodd

News Flash from the Bottle Brigade: Carolyn Dodd


We’re excited. Thought you’d like to know. The mid-year cheques from the Return-It Bottle Depot arrived.

Here are Results:

We’ve just deposited into the g2g bank account, $1,829.95 from the g2g Return-It Depot accounts . So year-to-date in 2016, which includes the earlier bottle drive, we have deposited $3,113.50.

During 2016 in that total, the Lefty’s collections by the Bottle Brigade, raised $603. Both Lefty’s in Qualicum Beach and Parksville have been wonderful supporters. In 2008 we started the accounts at the Return-It Depots. Just from the Return-It program, we have raised $26,900.31.

Awareness is growing in the Oceanside community about our g2g Return-it Depot accounts. Spread the word with your neighbours. Those nickels and dimes make a difference.

Bottle Grannie Carolyn


Congratulations to everyone involved in this effort and a special heartfelt thank you to Carolyn Dodd who started this amazing project in 2008.


Carol Lundine


St Marks Fair

It wasn’t as busy a St Marks as we’ve seen over the years however we are pleased to say we have $766.00 to add to the enormous amount of money we have raised for the Stephen Lewis Foundation and grandmothers and children in Africa.

I would like to thank all those that helped out today and of course to all those wonderful people who make it possible for us to have beautiful products to sell.

My heartfelt thanks to Ann Tardiff, Pam Vest,  Rhoda Perron, Kate, Mitchell, Lorna Reid, Judi Sherin, Cindy Winkle,  Moira Beauchesne  and grandother  Dan Lundine.

To anyone else who may have been there today to help in small and large ways, thank you. It was great to see many members come and visit the booth and of course buy “stuff”!


Carol Lundine


St Marks Fair

Thanks very much to those that responded to my email.

We are in need of helpers for Saturday July 23rd. We need one person for the 10:30-1:30 shift. We need one person  on that shift who can do cash.

We need one more person for the 1:30-4:30 shift. We have someone on that shift  who can do cash.

Please, if you can spare 3 hours to help out let me know as soon as possible,


Thank you,

Carol Lundine


Good Afternoon everyone,

St Marks Fair is this weekend as as I have been away for 6 weeks, I would be very grateful if those of you who have signed up for a shift, would send me a quick email to verify that you are in fact still willing to work a shift and what time you will be there.

Thanks so much,

Carol Lundine


Correction to Minutes

Please note the following correction to the meeting minutes from June 21, 2016 

Marg Hill and Moira Beauchesne volunteered to be responsible for the Linden Singers event, scheduled for March 12, 2017.  Further volunteer opportunities will be posted as needed.

Thank you

Pamela Vest

Final Annual Report for Kazuri Jewellery

Dear Friend of Kazuri

You are receiving this final Annual Report for Kazuri Jewellery: The Grandmother Connection (KJGC) as a supporter of KJGC.  Because of generous grandmothers and grand-others like yourself, KJGC was able to donate almost $800, 000 to the Stephen Lewis Foundation over the nine-year lifetime of our not-for-profit business.  It has been a great ride. We three managing partners, along with our Direction of Operations, Lori Blinn, have thoroughly enjoyed working with all of you to raise these funds for our sister grandmothers in Africa and their orphaned grandchildren. So many memories, so many new friendships forged over sorting and selling the beautiful Kazuri jewellery.

Please feel free to share this short report with other group members if you belong to a grandmother group. A large number of you were also friends who volunteered to host a sale for us. Thank you one and all.

We wish you a wonderful summer and hope that you, too, have fond memories of our work together.

Mary Jane Sterne, Peggy Edwards, Gay Coates

 Managing Partners: Kazuri Jewellery: The Grandmother Connection (KJGC)

 KJGC Annual Report 2015

G2G Meeting Agenda June 21, 2016 Knox Church 9:30 to 12

Welcome: Ann

New Members: Louise

New Member Tags: Ann

Finance : Pam

Bottle Drive: Lorna

Communications/ Changes: Pam

Help Wanted & Sign Up sheets


  • July 1 Parade
  • July 23 St Mark’s Fair
  • Art Display—‘Who Will Wash the Clothes’
  • October 15—QB Wellness and Volunteer Fair


  • Catering Committee
  • Event Committee
  • Angel Making
  • Catering for Bicycle Tour in Sept

Morganne:  Posters

Marg: Sewers

Pam:  Sunshine Lady

March 12  – Linden Singers