Christmas Luncheon for G2G

Oceanside Grandmothers to Grandmothers Luncheon

After all the hard work is over, let’s celebrate each other and the Christmas Season with a festive luncheon.
We have organized one for Monday, December 10th at 12 noon at
Chameleons Restaurant at 220 Island Highway – same location as last year.
We will have the restaurant to ourselves – so come and celebrate with us and enjoy the company of our G2G group.
Menu will be smorgasbord and will include:
Apple Butternut Squash Soup OR Crab Bisque
Veggie Quiche OR Quiche with Bacon
Lightly toasted Seafood Sandwiches –fresh tuna and shrimp in dill aioli
Salad – bowl of mixed greens with optional toppings
Warm Apple Crisp with Ice Cream
Tea or Coffee
Cost will be $20 plus tax and gratuities
Cash bar will be available
I will also have sign up sheets at the Extravaganza

Post from Ann Tardiff re: Extravaganza 2018

Due to the fact that the Quality Inn Bayside has changed owners since our last Extravaganza, some rules are different. The one you need to know is that we can no longer sell refreshments to our customers as they exit the hotel. If you were planning on baking for that please just include your goodies in the baking for sale. If you have any questions please call or email Ann Tardiff.


or call her at 250-248-1210

See you at the EX
Many thanks,
Carol Lundine

Announcements regarding upcoming Extravaganza

With November creeping in, it’s time to start the baking for the Extravaganza. As always, we need a strong commitment from our members to have the tables full, as the baking is always a popular area. Remember that baking doesn’t always have to be cookies or squares. There are lots of fun sweet and non-sweet treats that can be made and we have a wealth of ideas on the internet now to turn to for ideas. The same goes for decorating and packaging. Here are a few links you might enjoy looking at.;_ylt=AwrVk.OBL9lbG1kAlDUPxQt.;

Don’t be intimidated by what you see on Pinterest! We are not all Martha Stewarts and we have had our tables full of your good ideas in the past. Have fun with it!

The baking we do for our guests needs to be kept separately, so we know what goes where. It doesn’t need to be cut up if it is squares. Remember to put your name on any containers you want to have back, and pick these up at the end of the day Saturday.

A few important reminders:

It would be so helpful if you can price your own. We think you know best, but if you are stumped, we can help out. Make your prices to the dollar amount, no cents please.
Bring everything in on Thursday before the sale, between 10:00 and 2:00, if at all possible. Small boxes with your goods would be helpful, in case we are putting some out and leaving some under the tables.
Whatever you make should be freezable. Most has to last until Christmas.
All food to sell must have an ingredient list on each one. There should be no peanuts, no meringues, no custard fillings or toppings. If a health inspector comes in and sees meringue or custard products (risky for food poisoning) they could simply shut our sale right down!

On that harsh note, we wish you fun in the kitchen!
Thank you, from the baking team: Caroline, Kate and Eleanor
If you have any questions you can send an email to




As you know, we are not having a regular meeting before the Extravaganza. Ann and Pam, Carolyn D and Judi, will be at Knox Church from 9:30am to 10:30am, Tuesday, November 13 for people to sign up for positions at Extravaganza, as follows:


Tally Table 2 people for 9-1 and 1-4

Preserves 1 person 1-4


Greeter/Counter 1 person 10-1

Preserves one person 10-1

You can phone Ann Tardiff before that date if you can.

If you need price tickets, pins, etc they will be available as well.

Thank YOU!!

Looking for Prospective GRLs

Hello Regional Contacts,

I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely fall weather. It makes me want t spend all day, every day outside! (Working and playing)

Miki has asked me to spread the word that she is looking for a replacement as co-GRL, beginning in the spring of 2019. I would like to draw your attention to the item in the update about a Conference call for Prospective GRL’s, on October 25. Participating in the Conference call in no way commits you to taking the role, but it will inform participants and help with decision making. This is meant for anyone considering the role either soon or later on. I will continue on as co-GRL; my term comes to an end in the spring of 2020. If you are interested in participating in the call, the phone number and code will be forthcoming from the SLF.

That’s it for now!

Joanne and Miki, (your go-GRL’s)

Please click on the following link: