New Directory and April minutes ready

The minutes of the April meeting and the revised membership Directory are now ready for reading and/or download on the “For members only” part of the website.

The Oceanside G2G Membership Directory has been revised to include new members and requested changes. Welcome to Judy Campbell, our newest Granny, and a warm welcome back to Eileen Dombrowski.

The format of the directory is alphabetical by first name with names being listed on the left side of the page top to bottom and then the right side top to bottom before going onto the next page. Long time Grannies will find this format slightly different since the new format came into place.

It would be appreciated if members would check their directory information for accuracy, especially their email address, as the group is going to use email as the format for sending out membership information and group updates.

If you have any questions or concerns about the directory or wish to make changes to your directory profile, please contact Darlene Hayes at

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