Victoria Grandmothers for Africa Annual Cycle Tour

Victoria Grandmothers for Africa


Sunday September 7th, 2014

2:15 – 3:30 PM

Legislature Grounds, Victoria, B.C.

Gettin’ Higher Choir

and Crafts for Children

The legislature grounds will be alive as friends, families and cyclists assemble to celebrate the returning Victoria Grandmothers for Africa cycle tour riders.  Come and share in the excitement.  Bring a  picnic lunch prior to this wonderful event and enjoy the scenery!

Download new Planning Manual from Members Only page.


The Planning Manual is a new document that brings together an updated overview of planning a g2g event with a detailed guide to working with the Event Committee, the Publicity Committee, and the Food Committee.  It’s our HOW TO guide — how to organize events for Oceanside Grandmothers. It details the cooperation and teamwork behind any successful event, developed with plenty of practical experience within our group. You can download the new Planning Manual from the website page entitled For Members Only.

And now…let the fresh new ideas pour forth!  Our next meeting is September 16.

SLF Grandmother Island Update Summer 2014

SLF Grandmother Regional Liaison Update Report Summer 2014

Recorded by Sally Gellard

Merville Grand Mothers


  • Exciting News from Australia: The SLF will have a strong presence at the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne this July 25 – The premier screening of the Tribunal Film will happen there. Several SLF staffers will meet with potential grandmother groups in Melbourne where there is a lot of interest in joining our Movement.
  • The Tribunal Film: The film (not yet named) will come to the West Coast in November for showings in Vancouver and Victoria. At this time, it has been planned that another showing will take place at the Fall 2015 Island Gathering.


    1. Sponsorship: A committee of grandmothers is putting together a 2-4 page booklet to advise groups across the country about relationships with organizations who want to co-sponsor SLF grandmother events. If you and your group have had experience with sponsorship and wish to share your insights, contributions to this conversation are very welcome. Contact Gerri at ___________________.
  • Anti-spam Legislation: GM groups do not fall under this so we do not need to do anything different with our websites or emails. (fund-raising and NGO are exempt)
  • The Grandmother Book: This project is still in the works – Joanna is working on it over the summer. Coming soon will be a Town Hall phone line meeting moderated for Q & A – a good chance to hear about the Book – you will be invited to participate directly from SLF.
  • Sales of Merchandise from Hillcrest: There has been a lot of discussion about importing crafts and goods from Hillcrest for sale at our markets. Is there any interest from Islands groups to coordinate shipments through Imagine (a distributer who makes it easy)? If interested contact our SLF rep Yasmin.
  • Communication with SLF: The SLF office would like to have an updated grandmother list from each group within each region. The Gran Bulletin & Grassroots would then be sent directly to each member on our member list. (Presently I think a lot of groups have a SLF contact person who forwards the Bulletin to each member) The SLF office is asking for names, email, mailing address, phone numbers, if agreeable. We have been reassured that this list will not be used for solicitation and will not be posted or shared – and it will be easy to unsubscribe. Also any individual donations from a member will be attributed to the GM group she belongs to.
  • Speakers Bureau: The committee working on this is close to completion – and it will be launched on the SLF website – members only page – this summer.

Greater Van. Gogos Fundraising Event

Hello all,

You may want to save this date and fan it out to your members. Greater Van Gogo’s are having a fundraising event at Robson Square, downtown, where Ilana will speak and the Tribunal film will be shown November 22, 2014.. Rather then trying to organize an additional event on the island, some (many?) of us may want to go to Vancouver to attend this.
Victoria may still want to add a showing with Ilana the day following, they have a sufficiently big group to be able to make it worthwhile.
I will keep you posted as more info becomes available,

Happy summer once again,

Paxie  Vreed,   Island Regional Liaison

BC Islands’ June Update

Dear Grands of BC Islands,

May Greetings on our beautiful bountiful Islands.

A few items from the GRL conference call this month are worth noting.

Fabric Sales

The Alberta Gran Groups reported on their astonishing success with their 7th annual Fabric Sales in 4 towns, (Calgary, Edmonton, RedDeer, Medicine Hat)  which have raised $60,000 this spring.

Locally the Merville Grand Mothers will hold their 2nd annual Fabulous Fabric Sale in October.

Aeroplan Miles

Note (in the SLF Bulletin) that May 27 & 28 are Aeroplan matching Days for SLF. This means double, (2 miles for the price of 1)!

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Grans

The 22 Grans who went on the March delegation are currently offering their powerful presentations across Canada. Locally Tina Filippino, Paxie and Joan Wenman are in the midst of bringing their stories to all interested groups and communities on our Islands. They continue to inspire and renew our commitment to the Grandmother Campaign, as they pass on the profound ways the African Grandmothers are transforming their communities.


BC Islands Region

New GRL wanted (still)– time to step forward and take on a leadership role in our Region. Contact Sally or Paxie if you’re interested and we’ll talk you into it. It’s only a 2 yr commitment with lots of perks and bonuses.


Updated List of BC Island Groups & Contacts

There’s been a few changes so please take a look at this latest corrected list – sent as an attachment. Huge apologies to Connie Holmes on Salt Spring Island for the confusion rewarding her email address.

***The attachment is for the contact person only. Please delete before sending out to your membership.


Calendar of Events

May 28 – VG4A Joan Wenman is presenting at New Horizons in James Bay 7 pm 234

Menzies Rd see attachment

June 7 – NanGos – African Market – St Paul’s Anglican Church 10 am – 4 pm

Paxie Vreede is giving 2 talks

June 7 – VG4A – Stride Victoria – contact Nelly for details

June 8 – NanGos – Island Soul Choir Concert, Port Theatre, 2:30 pm. tix $22.30

NanGos providing snacks & treats and selling crafts.

July 26- Oceanside G2G will be selling crafts and baking at St Mark’s Fair in Qualicum

Sept 4 – 7 – Island Bike Ride organized by VG4A. Training is underway and plans are being  made for the launch in Campbell River on Sept 4 and welcome in Victoria on Sept 7th  (Grandparents Day) Stay tuned.


Hello again,

NanGoGrannies had their second African Market on June 7th, which was a
beautiful day and a lively event with an impressive array of items to
sell. Oceanside Grannies participated with their beautiful beach bags. I
did 2 presentations about the African trip, one focusing more on
Ethiopia, the other more on Rwanda and South Africa. The following day
NanGo’s and Oceanside provided refreshments for the Island Soul Choir
concert at the Port Theatre, another successful event. Congratulations
to all, and $6,000.00 will be going to the Stephen Lewis Foundation.
At the market, we used a Square reader for the first time to be able to
receive payments via credit card. This is a new way of taking money that
does not require big machines or monthly payments. It had also been
discussed at the latest GRL conference call, for all information go to or contact me. The square reader is easy to use, and
we gained almost $2,000.00 in sales having it available.
News from the Foundation:
There are grandmothers groups starting up in Australia!
STRIDE: As of June 2, there were 35 walks or events planned with 60
groups participating.
SPEAKERS’ BUREAU: A kit providing a lot of information in very useable
form will soon be available. It will have a package of basic information
‘what all grandmothers in the campaign should know’, this could be
useful for newcomers packages. Then there is a prepared talk with slides
for people doing presentations, and a section on how to train people to
do presentations.
KAZURI: The jewellery imports for SLF are winding down. Other
possibilities to import crafts made by projects that receive funding are
being explored.
TRIBUNAL FILM: Is becoming available in the fall. Ilana will travel with
the film to gatherings that have been scheduled. Vancouver has booked
its gathering for November 22nd, and will have film and Ilana there. I
wonder whether we can schedule some time close to this event for the
island, or if islanders want to attend the Vancouver gathering. I will
send an email to Hannah Diamond to see if this would be possible.
SLF and advocacy: The letter from the foundation that clarified the
degree of separation between SLF and GRAN caused a lot of controversy
and some hurt feelings. The Board of SLF affirmed its approval of the
content of the letter in a response, signed by Stephen Lewis as the
chair, which was sent to all those who had expressed their concerns in a
letter or email to the Board. Grandmothers who have written or emailed
to Graham or other staff members, will get a response but it may take a
bit of time. The Foundation wants to make sure that members of the GM
campaign do not approach their MLA’s as representatives of the Foundation.

Upcoming Events:
June 23: PaGo African Dinner, with Africa presentation by Paxie.
September 5,6,7: Victoria Bicycle Fundraising tour from Campbell River
to Victoria!

Please add to this as needed, and send around a report about you own events!

Happy summer all,


Nango Grannies African Marketplace Reminder and Parking Pass

Don’t miss the NanGo Grannies’ African Marketplace on Saturday, June 7 from 10 am to 4 pm at St. Paul’s Church Hall at 100 Chapel Street in downtown Nanaimo.


Please help us get the word out by circulating this message to your friends on your e-mail list.

Take advantage of free parking all day at the Bastion Street Parkade, courtesy of the City of Nanaimo.  The pass below is good only at the municipal lot on Skinner Street (all levels), just behind the Royal Bank downtown.  It is not valid for street parking.  There is a pass through alley just up that will take you right to Chapel Street.

 To find out how to get a parking pass call-  Bonnie Eaton at  250 753-3699 or

Island Newsletter, May 2014

A sunshine hello to all,

Almost too nice to be writing emails. I do want to give you news about
recent events in our region. Glacier Grannies had their yearly
African Dinner, which was fabulous, excellent food, great silent auction
and a spell binding presentation about our African experiences by Tina
Fillipino, with a short section on Rwanda by myself. Congratulations to
the Glaciers! As a fundraiser the evening was a great success as well,
but I am not sure of the exact amount, feel free to fill in GG’s.
Merville Grannies followed on May 9th, in the restored Merville Hall
with its marvelous acoustics. Admission was by donation, they had
organized a quick silent auction with stuff that was really not needed
anymore at home, had baked yummy goodies and brought some plants for
sale. I enjoyed their ‘gumbootsdance’, maybe you can put it on YouTube
Tina! Despite getting into the paper rather late, the posters and word
of mouth brought 100 people to hear our presentations, some from as far
away as Quadra. The evening brought in over $2,000.- for the Foundation,
well done!
Last night I attended the Oceanside event ‘Both Sides of the Camera’, a
fun and very interesting evening presenting Rosemary Thompson, the CBC
and CTV journalist and Virginia Thompson, Presidant of Verite Films and
Executive Producer of InSecurity and Corner Gas, being encouraged by
Shelagh Rogers to tell the behind the scenes stories of their lives and
careers. The Grand Hotel in Nanaimo had made their Ballroom available
for the event, and it was barely large enough for the crowd. A big thank
you to Heather for thinking of this idea, and all the other Oceanside
G2G’s for organizing.
NanGo’s will be having their African Market on June 7th at St Paul’s
Anglican Church. I will be presenting stories from Ethiopia in the
morning during this event, and talking about Rwanda projects and
Hillcrest in South Africa in the afternoon. Will send posters soon. Port
Alberni has invited me to come talk at their meeting June 26th, and Tina
is going to do a road trip up north on the mainland, and will be talking
in Quesnel I believe.
This whole story is coming to you all as I received an email from Kate
Clark to say she is stepping down as a group contact, and I wanted to
take the opportunity to update my list. So if you received this, but
someone else in your group has taken over the contact position, please
let me know.
Warm regards to all,



SLF Granny Bulletin May 2014

Stephen Lewis Foundation - Grandmothers Campaign

Granny Bulletin: May 2014

The Granny Bulletin is a regular email update on the SLF Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign, intended to keep grandmothers groups across Canada informed about, and connected to each other and the grandmothers and grassroots projects in Africa that are supported through their dedicated fundraising and awareness-raising efforts. Please share this information with others in your group who don’t use email.

In this Granny Bulletin:

  1. Welcome and Sneak Peek of Tribunal Film
  2. Grandmothers Campaign T-Shirts
  3. Stride To Turn the Tide
  4. Order Your Kazuri Jewellery
  5. Beds Without Breakfast
  6. Show and Tell – Send Us Your Videos!
  7. News From Your Campaign Team

Dearest Grandmothers and Grandothers,

It looks like spring has finally sprung in Canada, and while some of us might be wishing away swollen rivers and soggy trails, it seems like the perfect time to celebrate new beginnings.  First, a heartfelt welcome to new members and groups in Canada – and also to new members in the UK and Australia!  The Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign is made up of thousands of passionate older women who use every skill and resource at their disposal to stand in solidarity with African grandmothers, and raise the critical funds and awareness necessary to turn the tide of AIDS in Africa.

We’re just so eager to share something with you that we might as well get to it right away!  We are happy – no thrilled! – to share a special SNEAK PEEK trailer of the upcoming African Grandmothers Tribunal Film. At the Tribunal, African grandmothers from Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe testified about their struggles and their hopes, issuing a joint Call to Action for further support and systemic change. Canadian grandmothers bore witness to these testimonies, listening and responding with strength and tenderness – recommitting to the promise they made in the Toronto Statement, “We will not rest until they can rest”.

We wish we could be there with all of you as you get your first glimpse of the Tribunal film. We know you’ll be as deeply moved as all of us and that you’ll want to watch it again and again.

To view the trailer, please click here!

Warmest regards,

Ilana and Graham

Grandmothers Campaign T shirts

Most of you are familiar with the black shirts with the white Grandmothers Campaign logo, but for those who are not, they can be seen online here. They cost $20 each including postage and group orders are preferred when possible. Sweatshirts are also available for $25 each. The next ordering deadline is May 15th.

For further information or to order please contact Linda Taberner at Linda is a long-time member of the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign who has been generously donating her time and talent to make sure that the Campaign shirts are available to everyone.  Thank you Linda!

Stride to Turn the Tide

Stride season is upon us! We’ve heard from many groups across the country that plan to walk this year in solidarity with African grandmothers… and it’s not too late to start planning your Stride!

No matter the scope of your walk – Stride is a great way to come together as a community and raise awareness and funds. Remember, this isn’t a marathon. It’s a leisurely or spirited walk or run – with friends and family, outdoors or indoors (yes, mall-walking counts too), for new groups or established groups, on city sidewalks or country lanes. Be creative and think of your African sisters with every step!

To kick-start your Stride fundraising, new and improved Stride online fundraising pages are available at We’ve already heard some great feedback and would love to have as many groups as possible take advantage of this helpful tool.

This year, the SLF will be organizing insurance for all Stride walks. In order to be covered, please click here to access all Stride materials, including the Walk Registration form, which should be mailed or emailed to by May 16th. Even if we have already been in touch about planning your walk, please send in a Walk Registration form to ensure coverage!

Since we know that many venues have asked for insurance information up front, we have created an Insurance Information letter that you can edit and print off – this should be all you need to secure your venue.

Here’s how the insurance process works:

  1. If your Stride location requires proof of insurance, print off and fill out the Insurance Information letter available here, and give this letter to the Walk venue.
  2. Fill out your Walk Registration Form with your planned location and send it to us by May 16th.
  3. Once we have received your Walk Registration form, we’ll provide you with your policy number and information in the weeks leading up to your walk.

As always, please be in touch at with questions you might have about planning a Stride walk, or setting up your online fundraising pages. Happy Striding!

More Kazuri Jewellery Success!

In 2013, 73 grandmothers groups and 4 “grand-other” friends hosted over 210 successful Kazuri sales from Nova Scotia to British Columbia to the Yukon.

Kazuri continues to be a popular, fun and effective fundraiser for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  Who doesn’t want to support 300 Kenyan women who earn a living wage by crafting colourful, hand-made jewellery AND at the same time raise funds for hundreds of African community-based organizations that are turning the tide of AIDS?

If you would like to host a Kazuri sale (or add it to an existing fundraising event) in Fall 2014 or would like more information, please contact Lori Blinn at  Please note that the deadline for submitting Fall orders is June 2014.

Beds without Breakfast

As the weather warms up and some of us start to think about travel plans within Canada rather than heading south, we’d like to remind you about Beds Without Breakfast. 60 host grandmothers in communities across the country have opened their homes to grandmother-travellers in return for a donation to the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

Hosts and travellers alike rave about the friendships they develop and the connection they feel to grandmothers across Canada. Plus, when travelling somewhere new, host grandmothers are the perfect source of local knowledge to make your visit memorable!

There’s no need to sign up or become a host grandmother in order to find a Bed Without Breakfast. Just plan well ahead, as grandmothers lead busy lives!

Interested in hosting? New hosts are always welcome!  To find a Bed Without Breakfast or for more information on travelling or hosting, please click here or write to Linda Taberner at

Show and Tell… with an emphasis on the Show

From time to time, grandmothers groups send us fabulous video shorts of fundraising initiatives such as sack gardening, Stride hikes, guest speakers or educational presentations, and we have long wondered, wouldn’t it be great if we could share these with everyone?

It turns out we can!  We would like to invite you to submit short videos that highlight the work of your grandmothers group.  Videos can include yourself, your group or your whole community and could include one or more fundraising initiatives, or even promotions for an upcoming event.  Each video should be between 2 and 5 minutes in length and all participants must agree to have it posted on YouTube and/or Facebook.

To submit a video or for more information, please email us at

News from your Campaign Team

Welcome to Gerri! 
A warm welcome to Gerri Lutaaya, who has joined us on the Grandmothers Campaign team during Tammy Ebuen’s maternity leave. Gerri has already been reaching out to many groups and in her words, “I have been learning so much about the Campaign and I am humbled by the extraordinary commitment, creativity and drive you all share!”. We couldn’t agree more!

A Note From Sydney 
The last few months have been a whirlwind… nobody knows that better than members of the Grandmothers Campaign! From the Tribunal to the recent Grandmothers Campaign trip to Africa, to the countless events held, time flies. I would like to slow down and take a moment to say hello to those of you I haven’t had the pleasure of speaking with yet. Looking back at how I started here at the Foundation – transcribing interviews for the upcoming Grandmothers Book – it is only fitting that after a short time filling in on the Programmes Team, I returned “home” to the Grandmothers Campaign a few months ago. Hearing stories from grandmothers in Africa and Canada, I learned not only about the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign, but also about the dynamic women who are at its heart – talk about smashing stereotypes! I look forward to learning more about you and about the Campaign and working together to continue this remarkable and vital work for African grandmothers.

g2g January minutes and revised Directory now ready

The minutes of the Oceanside Grandmothers to Grandmothers meeting on January 21 are now available for download on the website, on the page For Members Only. If you missed the meeting, you’ll want to catch up on some very good news and some fine upcoming events.  You’ll need the password to gain access to the page, so if you’ve forgotten it, get in touch with another g2g member for a jog to your memory.

On the same page you’ll find an updated version of the Directory, including photos and contact information for new members.