Fabric and yarn sale: the grand total!

To see slideshows of our triumphant event yesterday, click on this link,under Past Events 2016:  https://oceansideg2g.org/past-events/past-events-2016/ 
And now…the results from Kathy and Pam!
Good morning Everyone!
We hope everyone who participated in the Wool and Fabric Sale has somewhat recovered from our 3 day marathon and is ready for the results!.
We surpassed our wildest dreams!!! With nearly 700 people arriving at Knox (almost 180 as the doors opened) we had a banner day and we are so happy to announce that we took in over $18,000!! We have expenses yet to be paid but it was a fabulous event!!!
Thank you one and all!!!
A very BIG Cheer for you!
Kathy & Pam

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