Past Events 2016


The Christmas luncheon was held at the Bayside Quality Inn on December 13, 2016.   Forty-eight ladies signed up but due to heavy snowfall at the time thirty-two attended. Even though some couldn’t manage to brave the snowy roads, it was a lovely event…and  we all got to relax, visit and get to know each other better!  


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Congratulations on another SUCCESSFUL Extravaganza!!

We sold over $25,000.00  OUTSTANDING!!

Thank you each and every one for all the hard work and support—the bakers who baked, and baked some more, the sewers who sewed wonderful items, the knitters with their magic, the massive array of Angels that were made, and all the home decor items were magical and disappeared quickly. A special thanks to  Lorna and her preservers and their impressive production!!

It takes all of us to have success and we have a very great ‘all of us’! Big or small everything counts and contributes to the total.

A big thanks too, to the Tally Table and Cashier volunteers. Considering these folks managed to process all that was sold in the 12 hours was incredible!

Also, to all the grandmothers for the technical and muscle and truck services…and all the volunteers who did sales/floor duties/refreshments etc.

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St. Marks Fair July 23, 2016

We are pleased to say we have $766.00 to add to the enormous amount of money we have raised for the Stephen Lewis Foundation and grandmothers and children in Africa.

I would like to thank all those that helped out today and of course to all those wonderful people who make it possible for us to have beautiful products to sell.

My heartfelt thanks to Ann Tardiff, Pam Vest,  Rhoda Perron, Kate, Mitchell, Lorna Reid, Judi Sherin, Cindy Winkle,  Moira Beauchesne  and grandother  Dan Lundine.

A certificate was presented by St Marks to the Oceanside G2G group for ten years of participation!   See photo below.

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May 28, Bottle Drive in the Rain

(by Lorna Reid) The Bottle Brigade are considering issuing a weather warning the next time a bottle drive is planned!  While we didn’t have a repeat of the infamous 2015 Monsoon it certainly poured pretty consistently on Saturday.  Despite the rain the changes we made to make the workload easier paid off – we had lots of eager volunteers who handled the load easily.  So easily that they had to be discouraged from “swarming” the people who brought their containers to us!  bottle_drive_optWe brought in a total of $1,309.55 which is a pretty good haul for a wet Saturday.  The site we had at Eaglecrest Golf Club did quite well but was definitely affected by the weather.

Many thanks are due to Return-It for their usual help, Eaglecrest GC and our sponsor PQB News.

The volunteers were terrific.  Despite the weather, spirits were high and there was a lot of laughter.   Thank you all volunteers and those Grannies who brought us not only their containers but those of their friends and neighbours!   Stand by for more innovations at grannies recycling Inc.



Crowds throng March fabric and yarn sale: bargains for shoppers, benefits for African grandmothers



fabric350By the time Oceanside Grandmothers flung open the doors at 9am on March 12, a long line of eager shoppers had already formed outside Knox United Church in Parksville. They poured in, with smiles, to load up with quilting fabric, lengths of material from fleece to fine silk, balls of yarn, books and patterns, and sewing notions.  “All this for just $30!” exclaimed one excited shopper, displaying her tray full of bright cottons.  Her $30, along with the dollars of all the other sewers and knitters, will benefit grandmothers in Africa raising their AIDS-orphaned grandchildren. The thousands of hours of Oceanside Grandmothers’ planning and work brought in thousands of dollars for the Grandmothers Campaign.  The gross take for the day was $16,000.

This wildly successful fundraiser was made possible by all of our group’s supporters who donated the overflow of their sewing and knitting cupboards: they provided the materials.  But then it was shaped for success by the entire Oceanside Grandmothers team (backed by “grand-others”): they organized it, publicized it, packaged and priced mountains of materials for display, and ran the sale.  Kathy Grand and Pam Vest, overall organizers, coordinated the group’s energy and helping hands over many weeks and were radiant with smiles as the tables of fabric erupted into lively shopping.

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For our Oceanside Grandmothers group, however, the event was far more than the day itself.  It includes the “back-story”: the planning and coordinating with calendars and clocks; the publicizing with posters and media; the gathering, toting, sorting, measuring, folding, displaying; the cleaning up (as always); and the counting.  The slideshow below on this page shows moments that the public didn’t see.  But, in the end, it’s what happens BEFORE that makes our events so successful, and it’s what happens AFTER that gives us the sense of purpose > as we donate our profits to the Grandmothers Campaign and improve lives far away.

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