g2g UPDATES: recent minutes, new Directory, and Planning Manual

Hi, everyone.

The MINUTES for both September and October’s g2g meetings are now ready for download from the For members only section of our Oceanside Grandmothers website: https://oceansideg2g.org/for-members-only/  If you can’t remember the password, you can contact Eileen Dombrowski (oceansideg2g@shaw.ca) or any other member of the group.  If you missed the most recent meeting(s), you’ll really want these minutes because there is A LOT going on!

The currently up-to-date DIRECTORY is also now available for download from the For members only section.  Two versions are available for you to choose depending on your internet connection:  the compressed, low-resolution version is fast to download and adequate for consultation; the high-resolution version requires a fast internet connection for downloading but is clearer, especially if you want to print it out.  New members, you’ll definitely want this booklet. It gives pictures of people in our group, along with their contact information, and is valuable for getting to know others and getting in touch with them.

Note that I’ve also updated the NEW MEMBERS sheet for 2015, which is handy for getting to know our latest members. It is available for download from the same page as the Directory.

Last, notice that you can also download the g2g PLANNING MANUAL to which Jacquie and I made reference in our last meeting.  Did you even know that this resource exists?  It identifies 9 steps to follow in our group if you want to organize an event.  It distills a lot of the experience of the Event Committee, Publicity Committee, and Food Committee as they work together to support anyone thinking of organizing an event.

Eileen Dombrowski

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