Island Gathering

Only 10 days to our get-together (event May 9) and the NanGo catering group are washing out their pots and pans to start to make African Soup and Stew, please register before Tuesday 5th if you want to make sure there will be enough for you for lunch!

Ida Mukaka will be arriving on Friday, and Betty Anne Hamilton is opening her house for the evening of the 8th so we can get together with those who are arriving the day before. We especially hope that the group contacts will come, so we can have a chat about the ‘lunch discussion groups’ and who will volunteer to be a facilitator for each table. Remember the subjects: How to get the greatest impact from the Tribunal Film;  Websites and other Social media for GGroups; Ideas for celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Campaign in the Islands Region; Insurance for Grandmothers events (I hope Campbell River will take the facilitation on, since they raised it).

Please register for the Gathering via the NanGo website:  , or directly via email to Marlene Skett . If you are coming on the 8th, please let Betty Anne know directly, .

Cost for the gathering is $12.50 and can be paid on arrival, place: Brechin Church, Nanaimo. Start 9.00 am doors open for Craft table set-up, program starts at 10.30 and finishes at 4.00 pm. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Warm regards, Elsie and Paxie.

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