Extravaganza Thank you!!

Thank you and Congratulations to everyone who contributed to the success of the Extravaganza 2014!! We certainly outdid ourselves and have set the bar higher for next year. So many customers said that this was the only Craft Fair that they came to as we had the best ‘stuff’ and our cause is good!

We have so many people who helped make this possible both on the scene and behind it….from our ‘Men with Trucks’, and all their helpers who moved things to and from the locker and Our ‘Second Story Man’ who made and hung signs and improvised lighting, to our helpers that made myriad knitted and sewn items that were wonderful….the ‘mouse’ business will be a staple for sure. And then there are all the bakers and cooks who produced such fabulous goodies that flew off of the shelves. Our crafters and artists are beyond compare!

The floor helpers moved and shuffled and filled spots that kept the tables looking full and inviting. And then there were the volunteers who worked the Cashier Table. They sat for long periods never looking up and rarely left their post to make sure it was a very quick process and did a magnificent job of taking in our proceeds with cheer and warmth. The mulled apple juice and the treats topped off the experience.

Thanks, too, to our wonderful sponsors and donors!!

Thank you all very everything you did, we couldn’t have done it without each and every one!!!

Ann and Pam


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