Final Directory of 2014 now available, also New Members page

If you go to the Members Only page of the Oceanside Grandmothers to Grandmothers website, to the password protected section for Membership and the Directory, you will now find the following documents updated and ready to download:

1.  The Directory, November 19, 2014, small file (1.2 MB).  This is a version that is fast to download, good enough to look at on a computer screen, and adequate/mediocre for printing out.  If you have a slow internet connection, you’ll want this version.

2.  The Directory, November 19, 2014, large file (18.5 MB). This is a version that is slow to download, good on a computer screen, and good for printing out.  If you have a fast internet connection, you’ll probably want this one.  I’m making it available temporarily through a link to my Dropbox.

3. New Members 2014.  This is a single page that gives the photos and names of new members to our group this year. They are all in the Directory with their contact information, but this separate page might help the rest of us to get to know them more quickly.

Our group is friendly and welcoming.  But we all need a bit of help in getting to know each others’ names!

Eileen Dombrowski

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