Greater Van. Gogos Fundraising Event

Hello all,

You may want to save this date and fan it out to your members. Greater Van Gogo’s are having a fundraising event at Robson Square, downtown, where Ilana will speak and the Tribunal film will be shown November 22, 2014.. Rather then trying to organize an additional event on the island, some (many?) of us may want to go to Vancouver to attend this.
Victoria may still want to add a showing with Ilana the day following, they have a sufficiently big group to be able to make it worthwhile.
I will keep you posted as more info becomes available,

Happy summer once again,

Paxie  Vreed,   Island Regional Liaison

Project Suggestion submitted by Paxie Vreed, Island Regional Liaison

Hello all,

Attached is a description of the book “38 ways to entertain your
grandparents, which speaks for itself. I want everyone on the island to
know that we, NanGoGrannies, have some leftovers from our African Market
where we had it for sale. If any group is interested, please contact me,
because we have already dealt with the shipping, and would like to not
have to ship them back.
I will take some with me to the PaGo African dinner, and anyone else
interested, if you invite me to come talk about my African experiences!


38 Ways to Entertain Your Grandparents

This delightful book makes a wonderful small addition to most fundraisers. It pairs well as an addition to a Kazuri Jewelry Sale, as it’s a completely different category from the jewelry, or most types of fundraisers where there are items for sale.

It’s been provided to Grandmothers to Grandmothers, on consignment, by John Hunter. John’s wife, Dette Hunter, is the author. John and Dette met many years ago while teaching in Sierra Leone. Over the years Dette self published and sold 50,000 copies of books in the 38 Ways genre. All of the profits went to charities in Sierra Leone. She was a very Grandmothers to Grandmothers kind of lady. When Canada Post discontinued the book rate Dette was forced to stop this project.

Dette passed away last winter. John is providing these books to us as a tribute to his wife. Dette had gone to a Grandmothers to Grandmothers event at which she heard several African Grandmothers speak. Dette was impressed with them, and impressed with the Stephen Lewis Foundation. She wanted to help in our efforts.

In Toronto we’ve found that this book sells briskly when it’s held up and mentioned to customers, pointing out that it’s a perfect small gift for a new grandparent, only about twice the cost of a card, or for any grandparents for that matter. We’ve also had a number of customers that bought it for their grandchildren that are old enough to read, saying “I’ll let them tell me what they’d like to do.” I bought my first copy to keep for myself, because I can always use more ideas for keeping my grandchildren engaged and interested.

We’ve also had success selling the books directly to professionals to keep on hand, and pop in the mail to their clients when they have a new grandchild. It works well for insurance agents, accounts, lawyers, investment counsellors – anyone that’s nurturing a relationship with their clients. Just make a call and suggest it to friends, relatives, or professionals that you do business with. One G2G in Toronto bought 12 copies just to have on hand to give to friends.

You will have received an attachment with a one page file that outlines Dette’s very proactive charitable work, and a photo of Dette. She was an inspiration to all who knew her, and to many of us who didn’t. We ask that you provide a copy of this to the people that buy her book. Her creative fundraising efforts are a potent example of thinking outside the box, and have the power to encourage others to make a difference.

BC Islands’ June Update

Dear Grands of BC Islands,

May Greetings on our beautiful bountiful Islands.

A few items from the GRL conference call this month are worth noting.

Fabric Sales

The Alberta Gran Groups reported on their astonishing success with their 7th annual Fabric Sales in 4 towns, (Calgary, Edmonton, RedDeer, Medicine Hat)  which have raised $60,000 this spring.

Locally the Merville Grand Mothers will hold their 2nd annual Fabulous Fabric Sale in October.

Aeroplan Miles

Note (in the SLF Bulletin) that May 27 & 28 are Aeroplan matching Days for SLF. This means double, (2 miles for the price of 1)!

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Grans

The 22 Grans who went on the March delegation are currently offering their powerful presentations across Canada. Locally Tina Filippino, Paxie and Joan Wenman are in the midst of bringing their stories to all interested groups and communities on our Islands. They continue to inspire and renew our commitment to the Grandmother Campaign, as they pass on the profound ways the African Grandmothers are transforming their communities.


BC Islands Region

New GRL wanted (still)– time to step forward and take on a leadership role in our Region. Contact Sally or Paxie if you’re interested and we’ll talk you into it. It’s only a 2 yr commitment with lots of perks and bonuses.


Updated List of BC Island Groups & Contacts

There’s been a few changes so please take a look at this latest corrected list – sent as an attachment. Huge apologies to Connie Holmes on Salt Spring Island for the confusion rewarding her email address.

***The attachment is for the contact person only. Please delete before sending out to your membership.


Calendar of Events

May 28 – VG4A Joan Wenman is presenting at New Horizons in James Bay 7 pm 234

Menzies Rd see attachment

June 7 – NanGos – African Market – St Paul’s Anglican Church 10 am – 4 pm

Paxie Vreede is giving 2 talks

June 7 – VG4A – Stride Victoria – contact Nelly for details

June 8 – NanGos – Island Soul Choir Concert, Port Theatre, 2:30 pm. tix $22.30

NanGos providing snacks & treats and selling crafts.

July 26- Oceanside G2G will be selling crafts and baking at St Mark’s Fair in Qualicum

Sept 4 – 7 – Island Bike Ride organized by VG4A. Training is underway and plans are being  made for the launch in Campbell River on Sept 4 and welcome in Victoria on Sept 7th  (Grandparents Day) Stay tuned.


Hello again,

NanGoGrannies had their second African Market on June 7th, which was a
beautiful day and a lively event with an impressive array of items to
sell. Oceanside Grannies participated with their beautiful beach bags. I
did 2 presentations about the African trip, one focusing more on
Ethiopia, the other more on Rwanda and South Africa. The following day
NanGo’s and Oceanside provided refreshments for the Island Soul Choir
concert at the Port Theatre, another successful event. Congratulations
to all, and $6,000.00 will be going to the Stephen Lewis Foundation.
At the market, we used a Square reader for the first time to be able to
receive payments via credit card. This is a new way of taking money that
does not require big machines or monthly payments. It had also been
discussed at the latest GRL conference call, for all information go to or contact me. The square reader is easy to use, and
we gained almost $2,000.00 in sales having it available.
News from the Foundation:
There are grandmothers groups starting up in Australia!
STRIDE: As of June 2, there were 35 walks or events planned with 60
groups participating.
SPEAKERS’ BUREAU: A kit providing a lot of information in very useable
form will soon be available. It will have a package of basic information
‘what all grandmothers in the campaign should know’, this could be
useful for newcomers packages. Then there is a prepared talk with slides
for people doing presentations, and a section on how to train people to
do presentations.
KAZURI: The jewellery imports for SLF are winding down. Other
possibilities to import crafts made by projects that receive funding are
being explored.
TRIBUNAL FILM: Is becoming available in the fall. Ilana will travel with
the film to gatherings that have been scheduled. Vancouver has booked
its gathering for November 22nd, and will have film and Ilana there. I
wonder whether we can schedule some time close to this event for the
island, or if islanders want to attend the Vancouver gathering. I will
send an email to Hannah Diamond to see if this would be possible.
SLF and advocacy: The letter from the foundation that clarified the
degree of separation between SLF and GRAN caused a lot of controversy
and some hurt feelings. The Board of SLF affirmed its approval of the
content of the letter in a response, signed by Stephen Lewis as the
chair, which was sent to all those who had expressed their concerns in a
letter or email to the Board. Grandmothers who have written or emailed
to Graham or other staff members, will get a response but it may take a
bit of time. The Foundation wants to make sure that members of the GM
campaign do not approach their MLA’s as representatives of the Foundation.

Upcoming Events:
June 23: PaGo African Dinner, with Africa presentation by Paxie.
September 5,6,7: Victoria Bicycle Fundraising tour from Campbell River
to Victoria!

Please add to this as needed, and send around a report about you own events!

Happy summer all,


Nango Grannies African Marketplace Reminder and Parking Pass

Don’t miss the NanGo Grannies’ African Marketplace on Saturday, June 7 from 10 am to 4 pm at St. Paul’s Church Hall at 100 Chapel Street in downtown Nanaimo.


Please help us get the word out by circulating this message to your friends on your e-mail list.

Take advantage of free parking all day at the Bastion Street Parkade, courtesy of the City of Nanaimo.  The pass below is good only at the municipal lot on Skinner Street (all levels), just behind the Royal Bank downtown.  It is not valid for street parking.  There is a pass through alley just up that will take you right to Chapel Street.

 To find out how to get a parking pass call-  Bonnie Eaton at  250 753-3699 or