Project Suggestion submitted by Paxie Vreed, Island Regional Liaison

Hello all,

Attached is a description of the book “38 ways to entertain your
grandparents, which speaks for itself. I want everyone on the island to
know that we, NanGoGrannies, have some leftovers from our African Market
where we had it for sale. If any group is interested, please contact me,
because we have already dealt with the shipping, and would like to not
have to ship them back.
I will take some with me to the PaGo African dinner, and anyone else
interested, if you invite me to come talk about my African experiences!


38 Ways to Entertain Your Grandparents

This delightful book makes a wonderful small addition to most fundraisers. It pairs well as an addition to a Kazuri Jewelry Sale, as it’s a completely different category from the jewelry, or most types of fundraisers where there are items for sale.

It’s been provided to Grandmothers to Grandmothers, on consignment, by John Hunter. John’s wife, Dette Hunter, is the author. John and Dette met many years ago while teaching in Sierra Leone. Over the years Dette self published and sold 50,000 copies of books in the 38 Ways genre. All of the profits went to charities in Sierra Leone. She was a very Grandmothers to Grandmothers kind of lady. When Canada Post discontinued the book rate Dette was forced to stop this project.

Dette passed away last winter. John is providing these books to us as a tribute to his wife. Dette had gone to a Grandmothers to Grandmothers event at which she heard several African Grandmothers speak. Dette was impressed with them, and impressed with the Stephen Lewis Foundation. She wanted to help in our efforts.

In Toronto we’ve found that this book sells briskly when it’s held up and mentioned to customers, pointing out that it’s a perfect small gift for a new grandparent, only about twice the cost of a card, or for any grandparents for that matter. We’ve also had a number of customers that bought it for their grandchildren that are old enough to read, saying “I’ll let them tell me what they’d like to do.” I bought my first copy to keep for myself, because I can always use more ideas for keeping my grandchildren engaged and interested.

We’ve also had success selling the books directly to professionals to keep on hand, and pop in the mail to their clients when they have a new grandchild. It works well for insurance agents, accounts, lawyers, investment counsellors – anyone that’s nurturing a relationship with their clients. Just make a call and suggest it to friends, relatives, or professionals that you do business with. One G2G in Toronto bought 12 copies just to have on hand to give to friends.

You will have received an attachment with a one page file that outlines Dette’s very proactive charitable work, and a photo of Dette. She was an inspiration to all who knew her, and to many of us who didn’t. We ask that you provide a copy of this to the people that buy her book. Her creative fundraising efforts are a potent example of thinking outside the box, and have the power to encourage others to make a difference.

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