Past Events 2012

From 2012, we share here just four selected events, highlights of the year that show the range of our activities.  They give an impression of what our group achieved: the work we put in, and the fun we had doing it.  We present them in receding order of time below.

Christmas Extravaganza, November 23 and 24

greeter350What amazing teamwork comes together in this festive event!  Thousands of woman-hours of knitting, making AIDS angels, stitching bags, sewing aprons and Christmas stockings, organizing Kazuri jewellery, quilting, making countless other crafts, and baking! Hundreds of other hours from “grand-others”, who contributed their books, paintings, woodwork and such for us to sell! And then there’s all the organizing, done by Ann Tardiff and her team. The backstory of the Christmas extravaganza features whirring sewing machines, nimble fingers,  the fragrance of fresh baking, and plenty of logistical planning.

And then — over a Friday evening and Saturday, the tables heaped high gradually grow more sparse.  They empty as customers fill their shopping bags with Granny Goods. Roughly 170 AIDS angels, for instance, left the tree for new homes.

In the background, the music group Harmony in the Key of the Westcoast provided Christmas music to create the atmosphere.

The Extravaganza took in roughly $15,700 (before expenses) for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.


Africoustic Café, October 27

carolpie350At St. Stephen’s United Church in Qualicum on the evening of October 27, it all came together.  In the church, volunteer performers played and sang, while the audience in the pews sat back and smiled, sometimes sang along, and applauded with enthusiasm.  At the intermission, our grannies invited them to the church hall for a hot drink and a delicious piece of apple pie with cheese and a dollop of cream.

The Café was put on with the support of the Beatons, who hold monthly popular café evenings with entertainment in Qualicum. The event raised in excess of $2,000 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

On the same day, the grandmothers also served refreshments and sold crafts at a potters’ guild show in Parksville, raising more than $1,000.  More than $3,000 in a day with two events?  It’s more than making apple pies that grannies do well!

Canada Day Parade, July 1

parade350The sun, so rarely seen in Oceanside in June, blazed down for the Canada Day Parade.  We carried our banner proudly and waved to the crowd, calling “Happy Canada Day!”  Many people along the route cheered for us and called, “Go, grannies, go!”  And go we did — and go we will!  We have a sense of purpose, and a sense of fun.


Winter Interlude, February 3

modelpr350Held at the Eaglecrest Golf Club House in Qualicum, this event featured a tea, craft tables, and a fashion show.  It raised $5,700 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

“Everyone involved deserves a ‘pat on the back’ for a job well done,” declared organizers Cathryn Bolton and Pam Vest.  “It takes a whole TEAM to make things happen. Thanks to everyone who baked, served, made sandwiches, made crafts, and worked at the event.”

The photos here are of the models, ready to step out onto the public runway.  While the models strutted their stuff, the guests enjoyed a tea of goodies made by members of the grandmothers group.  Our angels and other crafts also sold well.  A group effort indeed!