bottle brigade: new campaigns ahead

Running quietly in the background, the g2g Bottle Brigade has been extremely effective in the last 5 years:  Carolyn Dodd and her team have already raised $12,000 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  And now Brigade members are ready to expand their operations.  They will outline new goals and plans at the meeting on January 21.

One change affects us immediately as they introduce a new service.  If you have difficulties getting to a depot with your recyclables, bring them along to the meeting and the Brigade will bundle them into a waiting vehicle.  Stay tuned for more!

For further information, contact Carolyn Dodd or Lorna Reid

looking back to 2013 in g2g

Happy New Year.  With a meeting of Oceanside Grandmothers to Grandmothers coming up Tuesday, January 21, you can expect start-up messages shortly for another year ahead.  But first, a catch-up moment!

If you haven’t already looked back through all the many Oceanside Grandmothers activities of Past Events 2013, you may want to take a moment to do so — particularly to watch the slideshows on the Extravaganza and see some photos of the Comfort and Joy Christmas concert.  In fact, if you scroll back through the year’s events, you may find yourself smiling at all the creativity, energy, good organization and good will that characterize our group.

In fundraising terms, 2013 was also brilliantly successful.  During 2013, we donated a total of $44,500 to the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Since our group was started in 2006, we have donated more than $304,000. (You can follow the rising figure at the top of the website homepage.)

Before the next meeting, you may also want to check out the website page For members only.  You’ll need your password, at least for the first time you sign in.  If you’ve forgotten it, look back to the minutes of the last meeting.  On this website page you’ll find information on how the group works and how to keep your address up to date on the mailing list.

You’ll also find today’s January 10, 2014 version of the Directory.  This book of colour photos and contact information for everyone in our group is available there for you to download to your own computer, as long as you accept the privacy restrictions on its use.  Feel free to print it out if you’d like a paper version of all of us smiling at you!

Shortly, we’ll be looking forward.  For this moment, though, let’s look back with satisfaction!

new logo g2g aprons ready at Extravaganza

apron 3

Would you call them our “uniform”?  Or maybe our “costume”?  Or perhaps our “sign of membership”?  Those red aprons instantly identify our group in events.  New aprons, with the new logo, are almost sure to be ready at the Extravaganza in a few days time (Friday November 29 2-7, Saturday November 30 10-4, Quality Resort Bayside in Parksville).

If you would like to buy a red apron with the new logo for $20 even, email Carolyn Dodd  with your name and phone number.


We are saddened to learn that one of our members has passed away. Shirley Pawson was one of the original members of Oceanside Grandmothers and while she was able, was an active and involved member. Shirley and her family originated the first “board” sign that we used to advertise our events. We will miss her.

Commission a Memento or Memorial Tie Bag

Anne Ward and Diane Tobin, of our Bag Lady group, have been making Tie Bags for the last couple of years. Tie Bags are made from one man’s entire tie. The tie is pieced, lined with muslin and has a lovely complementary lining. A twisted cord strap in a coordinating colour and a brooch/pin as an embellishment (or not) complete the bag. We have had requests to make Memento/Memorial Tie Bags and are now able to offer the opportunity to those inside and outside our group. The only requirement is that the tie be a standard size, not a  narrow tie.

The Tie Bag costs $20 and you may provide a personal pin to go on the flap or not, it works both ways.

Please contact Anne, or Diane,, for more information.

Go to Past Events 2013 within this website to see our Tie Bag Online Auction.

All profits will go to the Stephen Lewis Foundation


birth announcement: new website

Please note the new website address for Oceanside Grandmothers to Grandmothers in the browser bar because we’re never, never going back!  The new software is cleaner, easier to navigate, and more functional.

The changes affect you as a member of Oceanside Grandmothers because we’re changing how group information will reach you.  Part of this website is active.  Fresh information will be posted regularly under Upcoming events. (You’ll see that heading in the menu bar at the top of every page.)  All fresh information will go automatically to the email of everyone who has signed up to “follow the blog”.

So here’s our request to members of Oceanside Grandmothers: please go to the bottom of this page and sign up to follow the blog.  You will be asked for your email address. Eileen has entered one of her addresses below so that you can see how it looks:


Enter your email address and click on “Follow”.  You will then be sent an email message from the site so that you can confirm that you want to receive the posts. When you get the following message in your email, click on the button saying “Confirm Follow”:


And there you are!  You’ll get messages in your email whenever our group posts fresh information.  And have no concerns about the privacy of your email address.  It’s secure.

After a period of transition, this method of passing you information will largely replace the current methods of general emailing of group updates.

Other new features

And then…explore this new website for its features.

  • we now have a calendar of events (in Upcoming events) that will make it easy to spot upcoming group activities.
  • there’s now a password-protected section of the website just for members.  (It has nothing in it yet!)  Members will be given the password shortly.
  • past events since the beginning of 2010 are represented here on our new website, accessible through a drop-down menu under Past Events in the top menu bar.  They are covered more briefly than in the previous website, but are much more accessible for browsing.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact Eileen Dombrowski, the webmaster — or, as she calls herself, the spider in the web.  How?  Well, most of you have her private address in any case, but why not go to Contact us in this website, and use that generic address instead?

new logo for our group

logocroppedWe are changing the logo for our group to the woman and child in silhouette that appears in the banner of this website.  This is the same logo used, with group-specific variations, by the Greater Van Gogos and the Comox Glacier Grannies. Many thanks to the members of these groups who helped us to find a high-resolution copy of this image to adapt.

With multiple Grandmothers to Grandmothers groups adopting and adapting the same logo, we can hope for greater immediate recognition of the Grandmothers Campaign on our publications and tagged products.

New membership tags are now available with a slight variation on this logo and with our group name added.  T-shirts with the new logo will soon be available.