Bottle drive May 28. Please volunteer.

The Grannies’ Bottle Drive has proved an excellent way of raising money and we’d like to do it again this year on Saturday May 28th.   However, experience has shown us that this will only be possible if we have enough volunteers to keep the workload reasonable.   There is a direct correlation between the number of volunteers and the amount of money collected.

We need about 20 volunteers to help with picking up, sorting and counting the refundable containers donated to us.   We also need the use of trucks, vans, trailers or SUV’s to pick up donations on our routes. Volunteers choose the number of hours they can work. The Drive itself will be shorter this year – from 10.00 a.m. to 2 p.m. with the sorting and counting finished by 3p.m.

Some Grannies have said that the work required is “too dirty” but really it isn’t very dirty – we wear old clothes and gloves and most of the bottles and cans are clean.   It is no “dirtier” than the collections that the Bottle Brigade does every week! We are very careful about safety and provide chairs for people who can’t stand for long periods.

So come on, Grannies! Volunteer and bring your spouse, friend child or significant other.

To volunteer please respond to or

posted by Eileen Dombrowski for Lorna Reid, Bottle Brigade

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