Results: Bottle Drive, August 29th

Oceanside Grannies now have the distinction of having held a successful Bottle & Can drive during a monsoon storm! Not only did it pour off and on all day but when I came home I found that we had a power outage which continued until about 7.30! We did very well despite the weather – with refunds on containers which were delivered before Saturday and cash donations on the day (I think people felt sorry for us!) and the day’s takings we have a total of $2,635.51!!!!
Much of this is due to Carolyn’s crew in the Nanoose/Fairwinds area who snared a huge haul of beer and wine bottles from the Marina at Schooner Bay as well as good house to house and general public donations. Many thanks to Graham Reid who loaned us his huge trailer to haul it all back to Parksville.
To the incredibly hard-working and good-natured Grannies and Grandothers who toiled all day sorting and counting and pushing carts full of containers back and forth (often in the pouring rain) thank you so much we couldn’t have done it without you!

We also would like to thank the collection crews who distributed brochures and picked up returnables house to house.

A large part of our success is attributable to the great work done by the Publicity Committee whose wise counsel and good ideas helped us spread the word throughout the community – well done and thank you!
All in all I think this was a wonderful example of how well we can work together and ease the difficulties felt by our African counterparts!

Lorna Reid


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Carol Lundine


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