January minutes and the updated Directory

Hi, everyone!

Time to update your g2g information!

I’ve put the minutes of the January meeting on the appropriate page in the Members Only section of our website.  Anyone who missed that meeting (as I did) or who has a faulty memory (as I have) will want to read them on the website or download them to read later.

I’ve also placed an updated version of the Directory (Feb 1 version) of member photos and contact information on the Members Only pages.  This easy-download version of the Directory is always on the website, replaced regularly with an updated version shortly after each meeting.

If — and ONLY IF — you have a fast internet connection and would like a high-resolution version of the Directory for excellent printing, you have one available. On the Members Only page I provide a link to it in my online Dropbox. Note that this link will expire, so if you want the high-resolution version, get it in the next few days.  It’s a large file (nearly 20 MB) so can f-o-r-e-v-e-r to download unless you have a fast internet connection.

So that we can all get to know new members more quickly, and integrate them more effectively into our activities, I’ve also made a page of new members 2015 (Feb 1), available for download from the same page as the Directory.  There’s already a page there of new members 2014, and I intend to add names and pictures through 2015 for an accumulating record of people who join us over the coming months.  It’s exciting to have new people bring their ideas and energy to our group, so longtime members will want to download and possibly print out their smiling faces!

All you need, to gain all this WEALTH of information, is your password. (What a deal!) You ought to know it by head and by heart by now — but if you’ve forgotten (as we sometimes do), contact me at the g2g email address I give below.

Lots of good wishes to everyone!

Eileen Dombrowski.  (for Directory, website, and membership committee)


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