Would you like to be a g2g photographer?

Happy New Year, everyone. As 2015 starts, are you interested in a new role within Oceanside Grandmothers to Grandmothers?  Would you like to help me with photography?  This will involve covering g2g events for the web and for archives (for brochures, slideshows etc). It will also involve taking photos of new members for the Directory.

You need basic skills of digital photography: how to take clear pictures, how to ensure they are at least 1MB in size, how to send them to me without reducing image size.  Beyond that, we can talk together about other features of photos that make them most useful for the website or the Directory.  If you have a mac computer, you might also consider taking on photo enhancement, sizing, and so forth — fun stuff — but that’s not essential.

I’d really welcome one of our newer members volunteering for this role — someone not already involved in a lot of g2g projects.  Please reply directly to me, at either my personal email address in the Directory or at oceansideg2g@shaw.ca  I’d like to have a new photographer in place before our next meeting (Tuesday, January 20), which I am going to miss.

Eileen Dombrowski

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