BC Islands Calendar And News Update

Hello all Islands G2G  Members,

Hope your summer is as excellent as ours! It is flying by, and the new season for fundraising activities coming up fast.

It will start September 4th with the CAMPBELL RIVER DINNER FOR THE ANNUAL CAMPBELL RIVER TO VICTORIA BICYCLE TOUR! Always a great start of the ride. This year 28 Grandmothers and-others are signed up, and the Fundraising goal of $50,000.- is in sight, way to go! I also love the way this event involves so many groups up and down the island, Friday morning snacks and fluid refreshments by the Merville Grannies, lunch in Courtenay by the Glacier Group, while the HUGGS from Hornby make sure we don’t fade in the aternoon, bringing super melon drinks and other goodies at the Buckley Bay store and ferry terminal! On Saturday the Oceanside Grannies fortify us in the morning, then the NanGoGrannies host our lunch and usually send us off with snack packs for the afternoon. We overnight in Chemainus and look forward to lunch in Brentwood, with St Andrews group and Sydney Grannies participating I believe, and before we know it, we will be welcomed in Victoria. Everyone is invited to the welcome party at the legislature.

On September 18th, the St Andrews Grannies are having their meeting and look forward to having Joan Wenman come and speak about her experiences on the SLF educational trip to Africa this past March.

October 5th, PaGo in Pt Alberni is organizing an exciting benefit concert, showcasing BEV ZIZZY, THE WOMAN IN BLACK. Ms Zizzy is a powerful songwriter and singer of the Blues and Jazz repertoire. Her original CD, ‘Woman in Black’, combined with her community work, earned her the 2009 YWCA Woman of Distinction in the Arts Award. The concert will be at Char’s Landing, a licensed venue, 4815 Argyle Street Pt Alberni at 2.00 pm, October 5th. Tickets $10.00 at the door, additional donations welcome, all proceeds to SLF.

October 18th, St Andrews Grannies are hosting a bridge tournament at lunch time and they are expecting to sell out all tickets!

November 22 the Greater Vancouver GoGo’s are hosting a showing of the Tribunal film with Ilana coming to speak and introduce the film. November 23 the Victoria Grandmothers are also going to host the Tribunal Film and Ilana, but I don’t have any details regarding venue yet.

In my brief survey from a few weeks ago, there was consensus that we should wait till our gathering of 2015 to have a showing of the film ‘up-island’. I would like all groups to consider where they would like the gathering to be and what the main theme will be. Since the last one was in Victoria, the central island seems a logical choice, but there are other options. Please discuss with your groups what role you would like to play!

I am happy to report that the Powel River Grannies continue to feel part of the BC Islands region. I met with Maureen this summer and hope to visit the group together with Tina Fillipino in the fall for an Africa experiences presentation. I believe that is all for now, hope to see many of you along the ride route,

Warm regards, Paxie Vreed, Island Liaison


Victoria Grandmothers for Africa Annual Cycle Tour

Victoria Grandmothers for Africa


Sunday September 7th, 2014

2:15 – 3:30 PM

Legislature Grounds, Victoria, B.C.

Gettin’ Higher Choir

and Crafts for Children

The legislature grounds will be alive as friends, families and cyclists assemble to celebrate the returning Victoria Grandmothers for Africa cycle tour riders.  Come and share in the excitement.  Bring a  picnic lunch prior to this wonderful event and enjoy the scenery!

Download new Planning Manual from Members Only page.


The Planning Manual is a new document that brings together an updated overview of planning a g2g event with a detailed guide to working with the Event Committee, the Publicity Committee, and the Food Committee.  It’s our HOW TO guide — how to organize events for Oceanside Grandmothers. It details the cooperation and teamwork behind any successful event, developed with plenty of practical experience within our group. You can download the new Planning Manual from the website page entitled For Members Only.

And now…let the fresh new ideas pour forth!  Our next meeting is September 16.

bottles…and jars — of jam!

The Bottle Brigade has been busy all summer collecting from the Lefty’s Restaurants in Parksville and Qualicum Beach but we have been delighted to receive calls from people who donated to the Bottle drive earlier this year and who are now asking if we still wanted their refundables.   There has also been an increase in the number of people who are asking that their refunds at he Bottle Depots be credited to our  account.  Especially terrific are the number of Grannies who have arranged with neighbours to regularly receive their bottles and cans this is especially useful around holiday periods like July 1, Labour Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.    We began this years’ project with the idea that our program could be greatly expanded and we seem to have been proved correct!   Many thanks to all the Grannies and Friends of Grannies who are helping us achieve a record year!!
Christmas Extravaganza
We are now in prime preserving season – yes, just when it gets really hot and sticky the traditionalists among us are stirring hot pots of jams, jellies, pickles and chutneys!   Last year’s Christmas Extravaganza was completely sold out of all the preserves donated by Grannies so there is clearly a market for this type of product.   If you are making preserves of any kind please bear the Extravaganza in mind and make a few jars for this, our biggest fundraiser.   Lorna Reid has volunteered to co-ordinate this section of the fair and will be happy to answer any questions at lornareid@shaw.ca.

SLF Grandmother Island Update Summer 2014

SLF Grandmother Regional Liaison Update Report Summer 2014

Recorded by Sally Gellard

Merville Grand Mothers


  • Exciting News from Australia: The SLF will have a strong presence at the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne this July 25 – The premier screening of the Tribunal Film will happen there. Several SLF staffers will meet with potential grandmother groups in Melbourne where there is a lot of interest in joining our Movement.
  • The Tribunal Film: The film (not yet named) will come to the West Coast in November for showings in Vancouver and Victoria. At this time, it has been planned that another showing will take place at the Fall 2015 Island Gathering.


    1. Sponsorship: A committee of grandmothers is putting together a 2-4 page booklet to advise groups across the country about relationships with organizations who want to co-sponsor SLF grandmother events. If you and your group have had experience with sponsorship and wish to share your insights, contributions to this conversation are very welcome. Contact Gerri at ___________________.
  • Anti-spam Legislation: GM groups do not fall under this so we do not need to do anything different with our websites or emails. (fund-raising and NGO are exempt)
  • The Grandmother Book: This project is still in the works – Joanna is working on it over the summer. Coming soon will be a Town Hall phone line meeting moderated for Q & A – a good chance to hear about the Book – you will be invited to participate directly from SLF.
  • Sales of Merchandise from Hillcrest: There has been a lot of discussion about importing crafts and goods from Hillcrest for sale at our markets. Is there any interest from Islands groups to coordinate shipments through Imagine (a distributer who makes it easy)? If interested contact our SLF rep Yasmin.
  • Communication with SLF: The SLF office would like to have an updated grandmother list from each group within each region. The Gran Bulletin & Grassroots would then be sent directly to each member on our member list. (Presently I think a lot of groups have a SLF contact person who forwards the Bulletin to each member) The SLF office is asking for names, email, mailing address, phone numbers, if agreeable. We have been reassured that this list will not be used for solicitation and will not be posted or shared – and it will be easy to unsubscribe. Also any individual donations from a member will be attributed to the GM group she belongs to.
  • Speakers Bureau: The committee working on this is close to completion – and it will be launched on the SLF website – members only page – this summer.

Oceanside Grandmothers, click on this heading to read a message from Eileen.

Several members have reported having trouble reading the posts from the g2g website on their tablets or computers.  I can’t prevent this.  But I do have a solution.   Click on the heading (“Oceanside Grandmothers, click on…”) and you’ll be taken directly to the g2g website to read the message there.  Easy.

To respond to information about any particular topic, notice that the contact information is almost always given within the message.  In this case, for things that have to do with the website, it’ll be me that you contact:  Eileen Dombrowski.  You can use my personal address from your Directory, or this one: oceansideg2g@shaw.ca

I hope this helps!