crafting creatively — and purposefully

Crafting, stitching, working with wood — the grandmothers and grandothers (our families, friends, supporters) are actively working on products for the upcoming Extravaganza. Ann Tardiff reminds us to bring to the meeting November 19 (9:30am, Knox United Church) a sample of crafts that we’re contributing, and to pick up from her the g2g logo price tags to attach.  She’ll also be circulating a sign-up sheet to help with the Extravaganza as we set up the market and host the public.

Behind all of our creative efforts lie awareness and a strong sense of our purpose — to help the African grandmothers assisted by the Stephen Lewis Foundation to raise their orphaned grandchildren.  A Santa to decorate the Christmas table, a beautiful and sturdy tote bag, a finely woodworked nutcracker, a plate of home baking, a crafted wreath — all of these seem so far away from the school fees of a child half a world away. But they’re not.

Please remind everyone you know about the Extravaganza Friday November 29 (2-7) and Saturday November 30 (10-4) at the Quality Inn Bayside in Parksville.

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