angels and gingerbread houses

The following message comes from Jacquie and is for those grandmothers who are making angels and gingerbread houses.

Angels:  Thanks to all the angel ladies who have offered to make angels for the Extravaganza.  I have started to receive many very beautiful  angels. Elaine has made up new cards so we will be using them instead of the cards we have been using up until now.  I will bring the sheets of them to the meeting on Tuesday for you to attach to your angels.  I am trying to keep an inventory of all the angels, so could you please bring them to the Bayside on Friday Nov 29 so I can set them up for the Extravaganza or bring them to my place on Thursday. If you would still like to make more, I have materials, heads and bodies and jewellery.  For the ladies who are making the stand-up angels,  I have the larger head ready, along with the dowels.  And for the huge angels – I have huge heads also ready for pick up. Just let me know what you would like.

Gingerbread houses:  Four ladies have shown an interest in making the gingerbread houses.  My plans for this workshop are:

  • Tomorrow (Thursday) I will email out a couple of recipes for the dough and also patterns for the houses.
  • I would like the ladies to make and cut out the houses at home. (All instructions will be included in the email) They must be stored in a cool, dry place (not the fridge)
  • Early next week (Monday or Wednesday)  we will gather at my place and have a decorating party!!!
  • You should bring the candies, etc that you would like to decorate your house with and maybe share some of your goodies.
  • I will make the Royal icing and supply the icing bags and tips.
  • Ann T. was kind enough to supply poster boards to place your creations on as these boards aresturdy and can hold the weight of a house.

If you have any questions for Jacquie, you can contact her on email.  Best wishes to all of you creative folks.

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