Getting ready for the April 12 Bottle Drive

The bottle drive committee is advancing in its organization for the Drive scheduled for April 12 at Encorp Return-It, 611 Alberni Highway, Parksville.   

At the moment they are looking for volunteers — of more than one sort:

  • Do you have teenaged grandkids who wouldn’t mind helping with the physical work of loading and unloading trucks?
  • Are you able to volunteer on April 12 to collect recyclables from the areas we select or help sort them?

Please contact if you are willing to help.   If you volunteer please let us know the street & area in which you live.

You can also help by:

  • asking your neighbours to bring their refundable beverage containers to your place and taking them with yours when you go to Return-It either on a routine trip or just for the Drive on April 12.   Remember we’re willing to do the pick-up and sorting if you can’t!
  • spreading the word by word-of-mouth, e-mail or social media that we’re collecting aluminum pop beer cans, plastic soft drink, water, cooler and spirit bottles, PVC juice bottles, glass beer, wine spirits and cooler bottles, gable topped drink containers (except milk)  and juice boxes.

If you are unable to take your collection to the Return-It Depot please let Lorna or Carolyn know and they’ll arrange pick-up. You can also give them your returnables at the regular g2g meetings.

Thanks from the Bottle Brigade!