Christmas Extravaganza: Circle November 29 and 30 on your calendar!

Santa’s coming.  Oceanside Grandmothers are getting ready — very, very ready.  The Christmas Extravaganza will offer wonderful crafts and baking for sale and, for everyone attending, a glass of spiced apple cider and a homemade goodie.  Live entertainment will add to the event’s festive atmosphere.  For a sense of the profusion and fun of our annual Christmas Extravaganza, see Past Events for the past several years.

You’ll find the Christmas Extravaganza at the Bayside Quality Resort in Parksville on Friday, November 29 2pm to 7pm and Saturday November 30 10am to 4pm.  Open your piggy bank and go looking for it.  You’ll get some great gifts and holiday treats — and you’ll know that the money will go to an excellent cause.


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