Ongoing Projects

While the public events that we organize bring us together as a large, coordinated group in the spotlight, our ongoing projects involve our special skills or commitments as individuals and small groups, working quietly behind the scenes.  These ongoing projects contribute consistently to fundraising for Oceanside Grandmothers to Grandmothers.  Some of these are featured below.

Making change


Jars crafted into African huts act as piggy banks for spare change around the house. It all adds up, and over time supporters have contributed hundreds of dollars.  As decoration in a spot in the house, the huts also act as reminders of the grandmothers in Africa who will be able to provide for their grandchildren more effectively as the coins accumulate. Anyone can obtain these jars from Grandmother events and join us in “making change”.

Bottle Brigade


Oceanside Grandmothers combine fundraising for our own cause with concern for the environment by collecting returnable beverage containers from restaurants that support us. (Thanks, Lefty’s!) Since 2006 we have raised roughly $12,000.

You can easily support this fundraiser when you take your recyclables to the Return-it Depot in Parksville or Qualicum. To donate your refund, just tell the cashier in advance to deposit it to the Grandmothers’ account.

If it is difficult for you to get to the recycling depot, you can arrange for a pick-up by contacting Lorna

We collect the following:  glass wine, spirits, and juice bottles; beer bottles; aluminum pop and beer cans; plastic water bottles; gable top juice boxes; tetra drink boxes.

Crafts:  Making AIDS angels


These handcrafted angels make beautiful decorations, not only for the Christmas tree. Each angel represents one person who has died of AIDS in Africa. For many of us in the group, this particular handicraft is strongly associated with the late Jan Stuart, who, remembering the students she taught in Africa, made thousands of these angels in an attempt to contribute to their shattered lives.  Others have picked up where she left off and brought their own ideas and nimble fingers to creating these symbolic angels.  This craft alone has raised roughly $21,000.

Crafts: Making Tote Bags


A group with sewing skills makes these sturdy and popular bags. They assemble materials ordered in bulk into individual bag kits, and then take the kits to their individual sewing machines.  Every bag is beautiful and distinctive.  Like the AIDS angels, these bags appear on almost every craft table we present at numerous community events — and they are constantly in demand.

Crafts:  Following Individual Imaginations

Although the AIDS angels and the tote bags are probably the crafts that the public would most instantly associate with our group, they are only part of our repertoire.  Depending on the skills and energy of our group at any given time, we generate tables heaped with truly beautiful creations for sale.  Knitting, sewing, building, making books and cards, creating decorative wreaths….these are only a few of our undertakings.  Many craft projects are undertaken by individuals working independently at home.

Baking for Events


For events such as special teas or for refreshment accompanying fundraising performances, a whole team of grandmothers goes to work.  We are known for our fine service at events (such as a music performance with apple pie served at the intermission) and for our plates of goodies sold at such events as the Christmas Extravaganza. Most of our bakers and supervisors in the food area have their Food Safe Certificates.