December Update

Hello BC Islands contacts!

Wow! December already!

As we near the Holiday season, I hope you will find time to celebrate (yes, celebrate) the good times and successes of the past year.

Groups have been busy this fall, with many events held and some still on-going. The events I was able to attend were varied and each was lovely. I want to thank you for welcoming me; every Granny I spoke to was warm and friendly. In words borrowed from my friend, Gillian, “I’ve never met a Granny I didn’t like!” Congratulations on all your successes. The campaign continues from strength to strength because of your commitment.

Victoria and the Comox Valley staged Flashmobs in November. They are well represented in the national compilation video produced by the SLF, which was released for World AIDS Day, December 1st.

The link to the Victoria Flashmob video is:

The link to the Comox Valley Flashmob video is:

The link to the national Flashmob video compilation is:

This month’s update is shorter than usual, but I’d like to hear your feedback regarding one item in particular. The idea of starting (or at least trying) a regional conference call appeals to me. The GRL from the region that has started having them says they are very successful. They have three per year.

Now, I would like to wish each and every one of you a happy, restful Holiday Season, and good health for the New Year 2019!




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