Island Grandmother’s September 2018 Update


Hello BC Islands Contacts,

Wow! The Campaign has rapidly ramped up now that summer is done. The staff at the SLF has so many things going on, I don’t know how they keep all their plates in the air!

We appreciate the information about your groups that you sent. I intend to make a special effort to support events in the region. Port Alberni has already helped at an event on the long weekend, held a luncheon on the 10th, and will be at a “Clean out your Sewing/Craft Room” event this Saturday the 15th. The MGM’s are holding a “Movie Night” tomorrow, Friday the 14th. Nanaimo NanGos are holding a fabric sale on Saturday the 22nd.

We must make a special plea for you to consider joining the Flash Mob this fall. It is really fun to get your group “moving”. A couple of practices, a place to perform, and a videographer are all that are needed. Let me know if you decide to join in, please. Victoria and Comox Valley are already “in”.

Attached is your September Update, gleaned from five pages of notes that were taken during the conference call. If you have any questions or would like more details about any of the topics, please ask.

In solidarity,

Joanne and Miki, your co-GRL’s

September 2018 Update

BC Islands groups are ramped up for another busy year of awareness-raising and fund-raising for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign. We have enjoyed hearing about the events that have already happened and the ones being planned. We hope to see you at some of these in the near future!

Congratulations to the Grandmothers Cycling for Africa as they completed their 12th Annual 275 km Ride. Spearheaded by VG4A (Victoria), accompanied by cyclists from Campbell River and Nanaimo, and supported (greeted and fed) by MGM (Merville), CVGG (Comox Valley), OG2G (Oceanside), Nangos (Nanaimo), and St Andrews Sidney, the ride was a huge success. Over $70,000 was raised for the Campaign. Congratulations all, including those cycling the shorter (50 km) tour.

The weekend was a popular one for cycling fundraisers with Greater Vancouver Gogos raising over $33,000 on their 2nd annual 100 km ride, and Ottawa where over $70,000 was raised.

Other popular, profitable fundraisers include “Art in the Attic”, movie nights and Fabric Sales. New (to me) events mentioned during the GRL Conference Call were a multigenerational “Books and Breakfast” event (Sask) and an “Autumn Desserts and Cards” event in SW Ont. Refer to the Fundraising Catalogue in the “Members” section of the Grandmothers website or talk to me if you have questions.

Five Regional Gatherings are scheduled for the fall, as per the August update. The SLF is pleased to announce that all guests from Africa now have visas “in hand” and will be attending the various gatherings and events.

There will be another live online conference on October 3rd. This is a multigenerational conversation involving three African women – Josephine is a 20-something youth ambassador, and the other two (I’m sorry, I didn’t get their names) are 60-ish and 80+. More details will be forthcoming, but it is sure to be enriching and inspiring.

The SLF will be using Facebook as a platform for sharing. If you and/or your group are not already using Facebook, please consider doing so. It may seem frightening, but if I can do it, so can you! I was “converted” just over a year ago, and I’m not one bit sorry to have done it! I’m sure we can hook you up with some help if needed.

A Toolkit for Social Media and Digital Protocol is being developed by the SLF. It will be available within two weeks.

Flash Mob Resources are now available online. Go to the members’ page or use the link in September’s Granny Bulletin. There are two videos, a Flash Mob Guide, and a registration form. Registering by October 15th will get you covered under the Campaign’s insurance for this event. Videoing of your Flash Mob should be done sometime between November 1 – 19, with the video(s) sent to SLF asap after that. A compilation video will be produced for release on World AIDS Day, December 1st. Videoing should be done in landscape format.

Podcasts continue to be a great resource for outreach and engaging members. They are easily available online.

As a few GRL terms are coming to an end, the SLF is thinking of ways to encourage new and potential GRLs to get information and interest in the role. They are proposing an information session call with individuals who have been identified or have shown interest in the role. More information on these sessions will follow.

Joanne and Miki (your co-GRL’s)

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