Oceanside G2G Sharing Session, Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Welcome: Carolyn Dodd
New Members: Judi Sherin
Financial Report: Ruth Epp
Bag Sales/new products/volunteers: Pam Vest
Bottle Brigade/ Great Garage Sale, May 5th/ Aprons: Carolyn Dodd
Knitting Group: Colleen Lucas
Books/Jars: anyone with books for the book sale or jars for the preserving group bring them to the Tuesday meeting.  Thanks.
Lorna Reid
Speakers Bureau: Speakers Bureau Saturday April 28th. Please contact Joanne Reid
Lisbe Rae, VG4A member, is offering to meet with any grandmothers who might be interested in learning about the speakers bureau. This is a plan for informing members and the community about the Grandmothers Campaign
Lisbe will be accompanying Elizabeth Sebesta when she comes to the Comox Valley at the end of April. Elizabeth visited Uganda and attended “The Tanzanian Gathering” last month as a representative of the G2G Campaign, and will be sharing stories of her experience.

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