Oceanside Sharing Session, Tuesday June 20th, 9:30, Knox United Church, Parksville

Welcome: Pam Vest

New members: Judith Sherin

Financial: Pam Vest

A Common Thread Report: Pam

Canada Day Parade : Carolyn Dodd

 We would love to have a good turnout for the parade. It’s a great way to raise awareness for our cause. No one has signed up to be in the cars. We’ve had a very generous offer from a car club for this opportunity. Please take advantage of it. Also remember that you do not need to walk the entire route. Friends and family are welcome to join us.

St Marks Fair: Pam

Vicki Gabereau: Rita Morin

Publicity: Morganne Pickering

Locker: Pam


Nanaimo  Nan Go Grannies are holding another “Fabric, Yarn, Stitchery, Notions, Almost Finished Projects, Books, Magazines, Patterns, etc., Sale” this year on September 30th from 10:00 AM till 2:00 PM at the Nanaimo Curling Rink.

If any Oceanside G2G members have items to donate I would be happy to transport them to Nanaimo. Please call or email after June 25th250-585-6779; cell no. 250-927-2423 (a Parksville no.); betty-anne@shaw.ca.



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