Oceanside Grandmothers: Sharing Session, April 18th, 2017

Welcome: Carol Lundine

New Members: Judy Sherin

Finance: Pam Vest

Linden Singers report: Pam

Extravaganza: Pam

Publicity: Morganne Pickering

Sunshine: Rhoda Perron

A Common Thread: (May 17) Ann Tardiff

Bottles/Aprons: Carolyn Dodd

Parade: (July 1) Carolyn and Ann 

St Mark’s Fair: (July 22nd): Carol

Vicki Gabereau Luncheon:  (September 28th) Gwen Moncrieff

 ( looking for gardeners who could supply flowers for table centres)

Wellness Fair (Sept. 30): Carol


Please note:

Tickets ($20) for a Common Thread, May17th, will be on sale at this meeting. (cheque or cash)

From Membership: Judy Sherin:

“We’d appreciate members available at 9:30 to join the welcoming circle at the back, and be prepared to introduce a new member”.

Please print a copy of the agenda if you would like to have one at the meeting.

Knox United Church Pym St. Parksville, 9:30 social time, meeting at 10:00

If I have missed anything please let me know. Thank you!

Carol Lundine



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