Extravaganza Results

Good Morning Everyone!!!

Congratulations on another outstanding Extravaganza!! We are over $25,000!!

Thank you each and every one for all the hard work and support—the bakers who baked, and baked some more, the sewers who sewed wonderful items, the knitters with their magic, the massive array of Angels that were made. Also, too, all the home decor items were magical and disappeared quickly. And to Lorna and her preservers and their impressive production!!

It takes all of us to have success and we have a very great ‘all of us’! Big or small everything counts and contributes to the total.

A big thanks too, to the Tally Table and Cashier volunteers. Considering these folks managed to process all that was sold in the 12 hours was incredible!

Also, to all the grandothers for the technical and muscle and truck services…and all the volunteers who did sales/floor duties/refreshments etc.

A big hug!

Ann & Pam

Note: A heartfelt thanks to Ann and Pam for all their hard work. I wouldn’t be surprised, if in fact, they have already started plans for next year! They are an amazing team!

To all of you, our best wishes for the holiday season. Rest up. We have a very exciting 2018!!!


Carol Lundine


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