Meeting Followup

Just a short follow up to the meeting: Please contact Joyce Eilers if you can help as a Island representative to join Joyce on the BC Islands Grandmother Groups and Contacts – Gran Regional Liaisons.

I would like to thank Val for doing the research re the coffee. It seems that there were quite a few who supported this idea.

From Val Van Meel

“Further to to-day’s meeting, I went to Tim Horton’s to inquire about their “coffee to go for meetings”. I could not believe what I was hearing (in fact I will have to check again to be really certain). Apparently, they do provide a 40-cup container of coffee together with cream, sugar, cups etc. etc. for just $47.45!!!! I couldn’t believe my ears, it was so cheap.

Of course, it would have to be picked up, which unfortunately, I, living in the opposite direction, would not be able to do, as I have a struggle even now to get myself up, dog walked and breakfasted and get to the meeting on time. However if we want to go back to a coffee break in the middle of the meeting as a social time and someone else would be able to pick up the coffee I would be willing to return all the stuff after the meeting. They only have 3 containers, so would need a bit of warning to be sure one is available. I could take care of that.”


Carol Lundine





G2G Agenda, October 18th, 2016 Meeting- 9:30, Knox United

Welcome and New Members: Carol Lundine/Lynn Staton

Financial: Pam Vest

Extravaganza: Ann Tardiff

Publicity: Morganne

Angels: Jacquie Ostrow

Succulents: Kate Mitchell

Spring Luncheon: Rita Morin

Wellness Fair, sign ups for craft workshops: Carol Lundine


Anyone still need a name tag? Please remember to wear yours.

Knox is a scent free building.

Thank you!

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